The Fake Virus [Prank]


Introduction: The Fake Virus [Prank]

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Today we're going to make a fake virus to prank friends! When the user inserts a pen drive into his PC, he gets fake popup messages!

Step 1: What Do You Need

1) A Windows PC (Any)

2) A Pen Drive/Flash Drive

Step 2: The Concept

We will use a Batch file here. As the user inserts his pen drive, the batch file will automatically run and play pranks with the user :D

He will get scary messages like Deleting My Documents, My Photos, Formatting C:\ Drive, Deleting Boot loader

Step 3: The Code

1) First open notepad and write the code-

@ECHO off

msg * Deleting Library: My Documents

msg * Unistalling System Games

msg * Deleting Library: My Documents

msg * Deleting Library: My Documents

msg * Disabiling Antivirus

msg * Deleting C:\Windows

msg * Formatting C:\

msg * Deleting Bootloader

msg * Deleting Disk

Now save the file with a (.BAT) exention

Step 4: Testing the Virus

Lets test the program. Just open Virus.bat and test it!

You'll see these scary popups! Now

Step 5: Adding Into Pen Drive

Now just copy the file into pen drive and make your friend run game.bat file (Rename it)

Step 6: Have Fun Hacking!

Have fun scaring your friends!


I'm a 16 year old embedded developer, working with MIT Media Labs India Initiative. I work in various technologies like ARM, AVR, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

You can find about me here:



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    Well, batch is only supported on windows related computers, so you will have to find a program substitute

    lol this will terrify my bro..... does it work on rasberry pi?

    lol this will terrify my bro..... does it work on rasberry pi?

    It's Awesome! But when I try to open, it doesnt work. A Command Prompt window opens then it dissapears. Im running Win 8.1. Any suggestions? I saved it as virus.bat

    So mean! :)

    This won't cause any actual damage though, right?

    1 reply

    No, it won't it's just a notepad program to show messages that you make.