The Fastest Paper Plane You'll Ever Make





Introduction: The Fastest Paper Plane You'll Ever Make

Launch a paper plane the fast way

Step 1: Materials

1x60cm wooden rod
1x80cm string (not fishing line)
1xA4 sheet of paper
1xpair of scissors

Step 2: Making the Launcher

To make the launcher, make a knoch at the end of the rod and tie the string around it.

Step 3: Make the Loop

Tie any loop at the end as long as it doesn't tighten when pulled

Step 4: Make the Plane

Fold the paper in half.

Step 5: Point

Fold the two top corners to the center so that the ends make a point

Step 6: Pointier

Fold it again like before.

Step 7: Pointiest

Fold again as before.(Beware of the sharp point)

Step 8: Halve It!!

Fold it in half.

Step 9: Wings

Fold along the middle on both sides.

Step 10: Staples and Cuts

Staple the plane three times along where the wing fold is, once in the middle and on the very front and back. (Not on the rudder(the sticky outie bit at the end of the plane))

Cut the plane on the one third mark. (No need to be precise)

Step 11: Send the Plane SAILING.

Put the string ring on the knoch and put a large amount of strength on the rod(not too much) and let go of the plane. To make it go faster, instead of putting a large amount of strength on the rod, pull it forward as if doing the opposite of pulling up a fish.

I discovered this design when i thought of cracking a whip with a plane on the end of it. The first time I launched this plane, it traveled so fast that it became invisible but it was audible(can hear it). It ended up lodged up in an airvent 5 metres off the ground.




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    Wouldn't it be easier to use a rubber band, or bands instead of string?

    I love it when people do stupid things like advertising the fact they are breaking the law to the public. No reason your pot plant couldn't have been cropped from that picture, and thereby not drawn attention to yourself as a drug user.

    9 replies

    And, much like many police, you can't differentiate between an orchid and nepenthes and cannabis. Perhaps, he meant potted plant.

    It is not pot!!!! it is a pitcher plant and an orchid!!!! cant any one tell the difference?????

    #GASP# You take drugs!

    Apparently I could, since that's exactly what I said.

    I can't tell a pot plant from a fern. You say to me that it's a pot plant, and I'm going to assume it's a pot plant. If he meant potted plant, he should have typed potted plant.

    its not a pot plant

    Yes, I know that now, thank you. I still think he should have typed out potted plant instead of pot plant. Completely different.


    you have a strange sense of humour. the only thing i use that plant for is to catch flys with.

    Flying objects depend on how they are streamlined, to determine speed. Wing span, to determine the value of sustainability in flight. You just need the right balance. You have just increased the amount of newtons (measure of force) that is strained on the plane, thus launching it faster. But eventually after about when the force is launched, the plane will just go flop!

    I will not be held responsible though if you do do something dangerous with it.

    the fastest paper airplane i ever made had a rather large bottle rocket strapped to it. i dont advise trying that. ours turned back towards us immediately after it lit but then proceeded to be completely awesome and go above our heads, behind us, and blow up in a flash of stupidity and beauty. ha

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    If you keep the stick on the rocket, it will go farther, thats what I do.