Picture of The Fastest Way to Make a Turtle Costume

Designing the costume was a school project introduction to systems engineering. In the activity, students deisgned and built an individual costume. Students practiced drawing technically and creating a plan of procedures. The students also learned to use precision and caution when cutting materials needed for this project. Trial and error and developing functionable  3-dimensional products were other valuable skills that were learned.
Design Brief
I designed, developed, and modeled a non fish marine life turtle costume.
The costume had to fit a middle school aged child, around the ages of 10 to 13, and be used outdoors for trick - or - treating and play activites under minimal adult supervision. The costume could be made easily by adults using slotted construction. The costume can also be stored using flat pack design. The costume had to be marine themed as well.
The materials used for this costume were restricted to recyclable cardboard. Adhesives were also not permitted for costume construction.

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Step 1: Supply-Material List

What You Will Need
S1)Cardboard, about the size of one dishwasher box for all parts
Tools And Equipment
T1) Cutting Mat-Protect floor while cutting Cardboard (S1) with Utility Knife (T2)
T2) Utility Knife-Cut Cardboard (S1)
T3) Ruler-Measure Cardboard (S1), Draw straight Lines
T4)Pencil-Draw Lines to Cut on
T5)Ship's Curve- Measure size of circles to cut on
T6)Circle Template/Compass- Measure size of circles to cut on

Step 2: Part List

Picture of Part List
Nov 2010 265.JPG
Nov 2010 266.JPG
Nov 2010 259.JPG
P1) Head (1)
P2) Leg (4)
P3) Body (1)
P4) Shell (1)

Step 3: P1) Head

Picture of P1) Head
Nov 2010 273.JPG
1) Measure with (T6) Circle Template or Compass a circle with a Diameter of 9" on (S1) Cardboard
2)Draw Measurement of the circle with (T4) pencil on (S1) Cardboard
3) Cut circle out of (S1) cardboardwith (T2) utility knife on (T1) Cutting Mat
4) Measure Radius 4.5" from edge of circle to the centeriwth (T3) Ruler
5) Cut 4.5" incision on radius with (T2) utility knife

Step 4: P2) Legs

Picture of P2) Legs
1) Measure four 3" X 18" rectangles with (T3) ruler on (S1) cardboard
2) Draw measurements with (T4) pencil
3) Cut out four (S1) cardboard pieces with (T2) utility knife on (T1) cutting mat
I would like to see some finished photos. Right now I'm very confused because this doesn't look at all like a turtle.