This is known as the fastest way to tie a tie. Get it done in 10 seconds. Just in the case you are going to be late to your work, you can use this way to tie your tie. I show you how.

This tie tricks is full windsor, but you can adjust it into half-windsor knot as you want.

This instruction come with video, so you can repeat watching it as many time as you want.

First Step: turn it over and put the tie like this position

Step 1: Hand Tricks

Twist you hand and insert you hand into the hole, then hold it with you thumb

Step 2: Turn It Over

turn it over and insert you hand into the other hole

Step 3: Hold It With Your Thumb

hold it with your thumb and insert the tail in the hole here

Step 4: Hold the Tail With Your Right Thumb

hold the tail with your right thumb,

Step 5: Adjust It

Adjust the position carefully

Step 6: That's All

This all

Step 7: See

here is the completed tie, is that beautiful. this instruction come with video
<p>This looks cool, but I still found it easier to learn how to tie a tie by watching videos on youtube. This particularly one helped me out a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9u1VK1eTTc</p>
That's great for a Windsor. But if you want to have your tie tied in a more elaborate way - like the Eldredge or the Trinity knot -, you actually have to learn how to tie it.
nice i like all your work..great job http://www.ties-necktie.com
By far the easiest way I've seen so far. First try! As a Step Mother that has to tie her Son's tie for every Debate Tournament, (Gotta' teach Him this method) I usually have to give it couple of tries with other methods to get the full windsor. Thanks for sharing!
Ok this is cool... but uhhh how would you do it like that on ur newk -.-
send the small end around your neck before you put the it trough hole after the twist
this work well for me it's more of a bar trick thou. after about 3 trys i can get a good knot in less then 10 sec more like 5
Most excellent and amazing! I can't even do a Windsor knot the old fashioned way.
the site is www.2tieatie.com
This is OK, but not really clear to me. Not sure what knot this even is. Here is a resource that has over 15 different step by step diagrams of <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.2tieatie.com">how to tie a tie</a> . This has <a rel="nofollow" href="http://2tieatie.com/video_snapshots.html">tie video instructions</a>tie video and covers all the way from the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://2tieatie.com/balthus-knot.html">Bathus knot</a>to the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://2tieatie.com/windsor-knot.html">Windsor knot</a>. It really is worth referencing also. Hope this helps.<br/>
I can tie a tie in one second. I use a trick taught by a magician known as the Amazing Randi and appeared in the now defunct OMNI magazine of the late '70's. It's way cool & you only need one hand! I often flip the tie over my shoulder as I'm tying it so others can't see the knot. Then I ask them to count while I "tie" the tie. I whip it out in an instant, already tied. I'm sure you can find this method somewhere on the web. I don't have time right now to make a video of it or describe the method... maybe later.
defiantly takes more than 10 seconds. you have to make all the pre-fold twists then do that procedure. then put over your neck. probably takes 20 seconds. I can do the normal full windsor on my neck in ten seconds so it is much easier.
hmmmmm I can tie a full windsor in about 8 seconds...and its round my neck..lets have one for a dickie bow
is this a full windsor or a half-windsor knot when finished?
This tie tricks is full windsor, but you can adjust it into half-windsor knot as you want.
Could you put up a direction or another video for half-windsor option? This trick looks awesome and it'd save tons of time if there was a half-windsor option. Personally, I've never seen that many people with full windsor ties. Guess people are too busy to spend time on that extra loop. :P Thanks much.
Interesting. But I can still tie a tie on myself without looking, and while it might take longer than shown, it's not much longer. And it's already on my neck. 20 inch neck's suck BTW. :-P

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