This is actually a remote controlled coffee maker, but my wife, Semone, calls it her "Feel Like A Queen Coffee Machine" because she can start it without getting out of bed in in the mornings.




Step 1: How This Project Came About

Like a lot of people, my wife cannot function until she has her morning coffee. Awhile back her coffee maker quit working. I wanted to do something nice for her so I offered to get her a new coffee maker with a built in timer. She quickly let me know that a timer just wouldn't do since she likes her coffee freshly brewed and rarely gets up at the same time every morning.  She suggested a remote controlled coffee maker she could turn on without getting out of bed. Needless to say you can't go out and buy one of those babies at the local department store. A quick internet search brought up a couple of remote controlled coffee makers people had made. They all involved smart phones, computers or expensive appliance control modules. Expecting her to operate one of those complicated devices before her morning caffeine hit would be too much to ask, so instead I designed and built her the "Feel Like a Queen Coffee Machine". Even with her eyes still closed she can now have freshly brewed coffee in minutes no matter what time she wakes up. We were thrilled to find out this project won second place in the Coffee Challenge. Ironically we won a really nice timer controlled coffee maker. Just what my wife didn't want. LOL Our prize will soon find its way onto Ebay.
Hi there! <br>I'm having trouble understanding the electrical diagram, will you mind uploading more pictures of the relay and the perf board? <br> <br>
Great idea! I just threw out our old &quot;Signature Classics&quot; coffee maker, but I saved the clock module and the relay board. I was looking for something to do with the clock module and I came upon this great idea. Outstanding! Way to go!
That was really sweet of you to do it for her! And a big part of making something is the fact you are making it for someone you love!
Great idea. And I too love fresh coffee first thing in the morning, but as I live in the UK I would be risking jail time if I copied your instructable. unless I'd had it passed by a qualified electrician and have a safety certificate issued costing around &pound;100. <br> <br>I am qualified but because I am retired, and am not up to speed on the latest regs (which change monthly) and am not registered to issue certificates, don't have the latest test equipment, which itself has to be certified annually. <br> <br>The same applies to gas equipment including portable units. <br> <br>If I made your unit and it caught fire or caused an explosion, PC Plod would be feeling my collar. <br> <br>Glad to get that rant off my chest, I spent my working life and spare time repairing stuff and I'm now not allowed to keep some civil servant in a job.
I don't get it. $25 you can get a remote power switch with remote that controls 3 different items. Around xmass time, these are a dime a dozen. I got a kit last xmass that has 2 outdoor rated plugs, 3 indoor plugs, 3 remotes to control them all from a very long distance - it was like $20 on clearance.<br><br>http://www.amazon.com/Stanley-31164-Wireless-Control-Transmitter/dp/B0020ML762/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1328876955&amp;sr=8-9
jradi:<br><br>I am sorry you &quot;don't get it&quot;. Maybe it will help if I tell you why I built this instead of buying it. Even a casual look around the world in general and the Instructables web site in particular should make it obvious that something is happening. People everywhere are beginning to do it themselves and thankfully Instructables is letting them share what they do with the rest of the world. We are in the middle of a DIY renaissance - a revival. Not long ago most people bought what they wanted and needed. That is quickly changing. People are now designing, creating, building and improving all sorts of things from cupcakes to computers. You are right. I could buy a remote control that would do the same thing mine does and spend much less money and time than I put into this project. I could have done that, but I didn't. This is not about saving money and time. For me, and a lot of other do-it-yourselfers this is about something much deeper. It is about challenging myself to use my creativity, knowledge, and experience to solve problems and improve life. It is about imagining something in my mind and then building it with my hands. It is about sharing knowledge and ideas with others and working together to adapt and improve them. It is about developing new skills and learning new things. It is about the personal satisfaction and pride of looking at and using something I made myself. An added benefit is all of the really great friends I have made through Instructables. I have collaborated on projects with people from all over the world. People that I will never meet. We all share something special. We build things. If nothing else this makes it worth it. <br><br>I see that you enjoy making bread and are quite good at it. Me making this remote controlled coffee maker is a lot like you making bread. I am sure you could buy bread and save both money and time. However, you choose to make your bread yourself just like I choose to make my coffee maker myself and probably for the same reasons. I get it and I hope you do too.
Very well said. I see the comment about you could buy that all the time and your explaintion was perfect. Kind sprited and perfectly stated. Cheers
I apologize, I didn't mean the offense. I merely meant, I didn't get what this did that was different than the off-the-shelf solution. After reading through your instructible a little more closely, I see it has many unique features I had previously missed.
very cool idea.....iam too lazy on the cold mornings to go for the coffee...so now i will prep everything form the past evening and the morning i will enjoy my hot coffee on my bed!!!<br>Lol....why i was expecting this instructable while in market i could find the same industrialized product?<br>
That's such a sweet thing to make for your wife! aw! You have my vote! :)
I got that same coffee maker but the black edition. Since you are hacking the coffee maker already i would have moved the on off switch or bought a replacement. Its a little too close to the front edge to not get accidentally mashed and turned on. A pot on the counter gets brushed against it and it comes on. Ive done it like 3 times. :-(<br><br>Its a great hack. How far away does the transmitter have to be in order for it to still work?
Where did you get the remote/receiver? Is it pricey?
I bought mine on E-bay for around $30.00. I just looked and there are several posted now for less than $15.00. Just look for one that operates on 12 vdc. Search using &quot;1 channel remote control module&quot;.
Thanks!<br>You have no idea how many projects I've got racing my mind since you showed me those remotes!
This may make your racing mind worse, but you can also purchase 2 and 4 channel remote modules. That should really expand your project ideas.
Wow! I'm amazed. Your wife is one blessed lady. And pretty, too!
This is such a neat idea. Great tutorial, too. :D

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