Step 8: Bring in the patient, Strap him in, and Turn him loose

Picture of Bring in the patient, Strap him in, and Turn him loose
This is Merlin. This is Merlin with his new wheels (and his curious friend, Autumn)

The video is some of Merlin's first few steps. He's taken quite nicely to it, although he's still pretty weak, so he doesn't stay out for long. He still tries to use his hind legs, so we left them unsupported. If your animal is paralyzed or there is some other reason, you may want to cut the frame rails longer to give a place to support the legs, or even add extra casters (turn able wheels) up front or behind to support the extra weight.

Now he can get out and play with the rest of the family.

 Awesome Ferret parent! 
Got four myself. 
 Thank you. We're at 11 at the moment, 3 are actually foster-kids from Raisins Haven rescue shelter, but we'll probably be their forever home soon.  They are so very much overloaded up there. 
 My first Sara was a rescue. I knew her owner and kept telling him he wasn't taking care of her and to just give her to us; eventually he agreed. Our second my husband bought for my birthday Nibble . Rastus' owner was looking for a new home cause his daughter wasn't taking care of him. Sara passed away I still miss her. Now we've taken in two more ( Spaz and Mitzy) that belonged to my sister. She says we're the foster parents but They aren't going back either. I don't know how you keep up with 11. Crazy little things.
tmr6 years ago
I love it! That's such a cool invention. You should get a patent.
kismet6 years ago
That is awesome!! You totally rock!!
kuchinskas6 years ago
you've got to be the best ferret owner ever. So sweet.
epizeuxis6 years ago
Hey. this is great