A collection of Weapons and other things from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts that i made! im planing on making another one of these once i make more stuff like Vincent Valentine's gauntlet and Axel's chakram. If you have more ideas on something from Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts that i should make leave a comment
PS: the second collection has been made and it is not as good as the first one and it has no Kingdom Hearts stuff so sorry fellow lovers of KH : (
legolord964 years ago
As good as duck tape is, a little less next time would make it look 100 times better in my opinion.
khsora4 years ago
nice gunblade man!
blak jeroe25 years ago
wtf too many DUCKTAPE NOOB!
FFVIIBOY (author)  blak jeroe25 years ago
yeah but i dont see what else i could use to hold my weapons together
GTRPLR19955 years ago
What is the oathkeeper keyblade made of?
FFVIIBOY (author)  GTRPLR19955 years ago
Oh yeah that was fun, well i had half of a toy grim reaper scythe cuz i was usin it as a bow and it snapped :) well i took that and a lightsaber blade and the bottom of a lightsaber blade and put the scythe half and blade on the sides of the bottom of the blade thing and taped it together and covered it with tape and used cardboard for the teeth
Oh, that makes a little more sense.