I have always wanted to build a gun like this. It is a simple slingshot pistol with a mag. It couldn't have turned out any better. I love using this gun, and I have found
it to be surprisingly reliable. I have had a lot of fun with gun, and I hope you will too.

Features of The Final Stand:

- Slingshot firing method
- 10+ round removable magazine
- Well built, solid gun
- Crossbow gives it good power
- Ratchet system ensures reliability
- Size of a large pistol, quick to build
- Very fun gun to own

What are you waiting for?? Get to it!

IF you build it, and post a picture,  Areonous will add the picture to the instructable.

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Note: in the video i used a blue rod on my mag pusher instead of a longer yellow rod or even better yet, a red rod. Please dont use a blue rod. Also that is the old version of this gun. Many changes have been made, and are added to this instructable.


Step 1: Step One.

Follow the pictures and Read any image notes.

Step 2: Step Two.

Follow the pictures and Read any image notes.

Step 3: Step Three.

Follow the pictures and Read any image notes.

Step 4: Step Four.

Follow the pictures and Read any image notes.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

This gun fires grey clips. Put them in with the front of the connector facing the front of the gun! Also you will need to make some sort of mag pusher to push the ammo into the gun. Make sure the band for your ram pusher is on well.

Your all done :) Good job :) 
Thankyou for building.

I hope you enjoy the gun :)

Step 6: Who Has Built It?

#1. Rec0n 

#2. knex_builder_freak

#3. megametal8

#4. sprout_less






check out my slideshow of it modded out, i love the slide loading system, i can work with out a stock, but i prefer a stock
Thankyou and VERY cool I like it!
I made this gun and it works like a charm! 5 stars
<p>I made it, but I left out a few parts due to a lack of pieces. Have a look.</p>
I built this and it's awesome! Is this the first gun of its kind?
hmmm... this looks very similar to iac's heavy cannon
hmm.. except this fits in your hand
Wow, dude. That there was my first comment on this site, and I've been here for 3 years. I was an immature, rude person then :P <br>
oh yeah. and its got ammo clip. but did you get ideas from iac?
I made this This its cool
It used exactly all my yellow connectors and green rods, but I am happy, but I don't know about the ram pusher, suggest good ones?
i rly wish i could help there but unfortunatley i dont know any :-/ sorry
My mag doesn't work. It is built right, but the bullets don't fit in and I can't find a good mag pusher. Right now I use a red rod attached to the middle prong of a yellow connector, With a elastic strung in the hole of the yellow piece. If you have suggestions about the rod size or the connector, please respond or post on my orange board. Thank you. Also 3.5*'s. I would put 4.5*'s, but the firing mechanism is bad and you have no ram rod. Again, do you have any ideas? The gun looks awesome too.
idk what everyones talking about, it works perfectly for me <br> <br>p.s i stretched the body MAJORLY, worked great <br>
Parts list?
Here is my modified one ^^ (front and side view) ''sorry for the bad quality''
Whoa, that's awesome
Is this slide/pump action? It looks like it, but I'm not sure.
Yes...why can't you use a gray connector instead?
I'm replying to myself...O.o It seems like using a gray connector instead of a broken orange piece works fine. The only problem that I have is that once you fire, you have to pull the mag pusher down to clear the space to pull the firing rubber band back. Any ideas?
Cool gun...i built it...its awesome <br>5*
What do you mean add on and build the other side? (in step 1, last pic)
i used 2 #64s and the power is amazing everything else works great to
remove the mag lengthen the barrel and add bigger wheel and what do you get a zombie hunter
kinda isappointed.. it's not so strong..<br>i tried with all kinds of rubberband.. <br>it shoots like 2 meters for me :o max 3 i think...<br>any tips to help me to inprove it?
side view*
ok i built it and im having problems pulling the rubber bands back!! they keep getting stuck on the ammo!!!
This thing is a mini version of the tank bow which i also built! IT IS AWESOME!!! Here is mine:
at this point i found out my trigger was put together wrong, so i had to take almost the whole handle apart to get it the right way, then i forgot to add the white connecter that spins! So i took it apart again. Then i found out i put the trigger in wrong again! THIS GUN BETTER BE WORTH IT!!! Ha HA Ha i am laughing at how dumb i am
another cut piece :(
I built this and used my strongest rubberband so I could barely pull it back with two hands it was awesomely powerful until the rubberband snapped. awesome 5 star
this gun is awesome. I had the perfect amount of unused (the rest were already in use) green rods to build this yay :)
I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice job! i just finished building it and its great. <br>
The loading part doesn't work...How do i do it???
Figure it out yet or no?
well i broke it up ages ago :(<br>
make sure the grey pieces are in the right way (te bullets)
use an orange connector, bluerod, and red conector for the mag pusher, built it, shot it , love it
I LOVE IT!! i<br>I made a stock wich you can keep a spare mag in : )
Well it was nice knowing you, and great gun!
Thanks shadowninja!
Welcome! Back to ibles for a while?
Hi! I built it but having some trobles with the mag and reloading...any help?
Um lock it in? does that help? :/

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