The Final Stand.





Introduction: The Final Stand.

I have always wanted to build a gun like this. It is a simple slingshot pistol with a mag. It couldn't have turned out any better. I love using this gun, and I have found
it to be surprisingly reliable. I have had a lot of fun with gun, and I hope you will too.

Features of The Final Stand:

- Slingshot firing method
- 10+ round removable magazine
- Well built, solid gun
- Crossbow gives it good power
- Ratchet system ensures reliability
- Size of a large pistol, quick to build
- Very fun gun to own

What are you waiting for?? Get to it!

IF you build it, and post a picture,  Areonous will add the picture to the instructable.

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Note: in the video i used a blue rod on my mag pusher instead of a longer yellow rod or even better yet, a red rod. Please dont use a blue rod. Also that is the old version of this gun. Many changes have been made, and are added to this instructable.


Step 1: Step One.

Follow the pictures and Read any image notes.

Step 2: Step Two.

Follow the pictures and Read any image notes.

Step 3: Step Three.

Follow the pictures and Read any image notes.

Step 4: Step Four.

Follow the pictures and Read any image notes.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

This gun fires grey clips. Put them in with the front of the connector facing the front of the gun! Also you will need to make some sort of mag pusher to push the ammo into the gun. Make sure the band for your ram pusher is on well.

Your all done :) Good job :) 
Thankyou for building.

I hope you enjoy the gun :)

Step 6: Who Has Built It?

#1. Rec0n 

#2. knex_builder_freak

#3. megametal8

#4. sprout_less









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check out my slideshow of it modded out, i love the slide loading system, i can work with out a stock, but i prefer a stock


Thankyou and VERY cool I like it!

I made this gun and it works like a charm! 5 stars

I built this and it's awesome! Is this the first gun of its kind?

hmm.. except this fits in your hand

Wow, dude. That there was my first comment on this site, and I've been here for 3 years. I was an immature, rude person then :P

oh yeah. and its got ammo clip. but did you get ideas from iac?

I made this This its cool

It used exactly all my yellow connectors and green rods, but I am happy, but I don't know about the ram pusher, suggest good ones?