Step 5: Loading And Firing

Picture of Loading And Firing
This gun fires grey clips. Put them in with the front of the connector facing the front of the gun! Also you will need to make some sort of mag pusher to push the ammo into the gun. Make sure the band for your ram pusher is on well.

Your all done :) Good job :) 
Thankyou for building.

I hope you enjoy the gun :)

rlaxrlax3 years ago
i used 2 #64s and the power is amazing everything else works great to
nathan7334 years ago
ok i built it and im having problems pulling the rubber bands back!! they keep getting stuck on the ammo!!!
at this point i found out my trigger was put together wrong, so i had to take almost the whole handle apart to get it the right way, then i forgot to add the white connecter that spins! So i took it apart again. Then i found out i put the trigger in wrong again! THIS GUN BETTER BE WORTH IT!!! Ha HA Ha i am laughing at how dumb i am
The loading part doesn't work...How do i do it???
make sure the grey pieces are in the right way (te bullets)