Introduction: The Altoids/fishermans Friend Survival Kit

This is my first instructable so please be nice! I made a survival tin for myself cause i'm going for a long camping trip this summer.It's a really good tin for espesially fishing thats why it's called the "Fishermans Friend tin".almost anything you need to fit in there can be bought at dollarama.I hope you like it!:)

Step 1: What U Need:

ok so you'll need:

2 rubber bands
The Tin (duh)
plastic mirror
small pencil
fish hooks
steel cord (fishing line)
wall hooks
antiseptic towellette
moist towellette
alcohol swab
band aids
sticky notes
3 safety pins
tin foil
match striking strip (tape in top of tin)
cotton balls with vaseline on it (firemaking)
Led+button cell

Step 2: Crammin' It

Put the flat items on the bottom of the tin. Next put the swiss army knife sideways across the tin, as you can see mine JUST fits. Stick the sharpener and string in above the army knife and you should have some extra room. You can put cotton swabs cotton balls almost anything you can fit.Be creative!

Step 3: And You're Done!

well there it is your very own Fishermans Friend survival tin. I hope you liked my instructable! If you have any suggestions please post them!


ralizon made it!(author)2008-08-15

I think that this is a very good version of one of the many altoids kits, I quite enjoyed it... but I would have to say, since you already have the knife in there, perhaps you should replace the sharpener with something like lip balm, if you can squeeze it into that place. But that is really about the only thing I would change.

TRIPLEC made it!(author)2008-11-08

how would lip balm help?

ralizon made it!(author)2008-11-14

without protection, you are liable to fry your lips, one thing that water does is reflect sunlight very well. Also, I am from Montana and in this state there is a lot of ice fishing that happens so the lip balm will help there also. Plus, its always nice to have some around you never know when it will come in handy.

voemaster made it!(author)2009-12-28

good point

MichaelC37 made it!(author)2015-04-09

very good!

The+Sloth+Uprising made it!(author)2012-05-27

or you could just take a map with you

autokymatic made it!(author)2010-11-23

save some space: your knife or a loose razor are pencil sharpeners.

mdandron made it!(author)2009-04-10

What is the pencil and pencil sharpener for? From a survival standpoint I mean.

mg0930mg made it!(author)2009-07-25

You could make a map...

loverise made it!(author)2009-05-14

My question is what tins like altoid are safe to heat water in and which tins are not because of toxic leaching? I bought some cute tins around xmas time to make survival kits the tin color is goldish and I just don't know if it would be safe to heat water in them to drink. Can any one tell me how to tell which are okay and why some are not okay to drink from? With much appreciation, Laurie

GKKunkel made it!(author)2009-05-01

Why have a pencil sharpener if you have a knife?

sharlston made it!(author)2009-03-09

any more ideas please email them to

struckbyanarrow made it!(author)2008-06-24

pencil, stick notes, money with a picture of mario on it???????? WTF!!!!

sk8erdude made it!(author)2008-06-27

the money is from the game Nintendo monopoly.

struckbyanarrow made it!(author)2008-06-27

your point is.....

sk8erdude made it!(author)2008-06-28

i live in the mushroom kingdom dont mock the currency like whats with this american money its soo boring... grey, like life in the real world. lol

pandaboy292 made it!(author)2008-05-30

what are fisherman`s friend?

ejsilver26 made it!(author)2008-05-31

Fisherman's Friends are like Halls on steroids. They are "medicine for a sore throat". I prefer Halls, my wife prefers Fisherman's Friends. So, basically a throat lozenge.

pandaboy292 made it!(author)2008-05-31


xrobevansx made it!(author)2007-11-17

Pencil sharpener is redundant, you have a knife. Speaking of knife: carry it. Take it out of the kit. As for the mirror: use the inside of the lid. Polish it until it reflects adeqautely enough to signal a rescue. By taking out the knife and pencil sharpener, I would pack waterproof matches, maybe some sort of antiseptic, aspirin, flat chewing gum or candy, among other truly necessary survival items. Keep it up. Good 1st try.

XaiofDren made it!(author)2008-05-28

What would do you polish the lid with? Or how?

xrobevansx made it!(author)2008-05-28

any decent metal polish (flitz?) and a dremmel tool. you could get that thing looking like chrome! It would easily reflect enough to be a signal mirror.

Ribs made it!(author)2007-11-29

dont bother with matches even if they are waterproof, just put in a lighter. And as for the other stuff it is all a lot more logical.

grimfig made it!(author)2008-03-30

Just use flint and steel, works a lot better and lasts much longer to.

xrobevansx made it!(author)2007-11-29

A lighter is a bit bulky for a small tin (especially crammed with other stuff. And if a lighter gets it's flint wet, you are done for. Ever try lighting a wet lighter? Waterproof matches usually have a wax tip covering the head of the match and some of the stick, the wax provides not only a waterproof seal keeping them dry, but a "fuel" to keep the match lit longer.

Ribs made it!(author)2007-11-30

good point but all the bic lighters that i have managed to get wet work fine if you leave them in the sun for a while.

xrobevansx made it!(author)2007-11-30

You may not have sunlight for days if you are caught in a storm.

Ribs made it!(author)2007-12-04

oh ja... thats right. I am in South Africa so I would not have thought of that, thanx

BigMatt.ZA made it!(author)2008-01-27

ha ha nice man im also in SA...... nice to see some local instructable lovers

rikkdbomb made it!(author)2007-11-17

dang this guy is clever. I would have never thought all of that through except for the knife in pocket i have biengmugged-phobia

sk8erdude made it!(author)2007-11-18

thanks for the comment!

XaiofDren made it!(author)2008-05-28

This is nice, but why do you need the pencil and sticky note?

damasta made it!(author)2008-04-06

fisherman's friend tin size == altoids tin size?
if so I can finally do all those altoids instructables

sk8erdude made it!(author)2008-04-11

ya they're the same size

shooby made it!(author)2007-11-17

No band-aids. The antiseptic towelette is not necessary, because you have the alcohol swabs (very useful for fires in the rain) + tape . Include a compass, or the means with which to fabricate a reliable one. Paper clips are far better than safety pins (see the instructable showing how to make safety pins out of paper clips). If possible, include 2 yards or so of thin, strong twine, perhaps sinew (cat gut used for sewing leather). I would include a few caffeine pills as well if possible.

xrobevansx made it!(author)2007-11-18

I kind of overlooked the fact he had a alcohol swab/towelette.

He should also add:
Fishhooks and weights, cotton balls, a trash bag, neosporin, sewing needle and a couple of birthday cake candles

Good references:

rmullins made it!(author)2008-01-22

birthday cake candles? So he can have a waxy, crappy mess in the tin when they melt? ;)

xrobevansx made it!(author)2008-03-19

Do you suggest *no* candles?

stick1985 made it!(author)2008-03-19

use trick candles(those that are hard to blow out) and wrap them in sranwrap to keep them from making a mess if they melt

sk8erdude made it!(author)2007-11-22

i see what you mean thx.

sk8erdude made it!(author)2007-12-04


chicks+dig+me made it!(author)2007-11-28

this is an awesome idea, but what product was originally?

sk8erdude made it!(author)2007-12-02

it was originally a tin of fishermans friend coughdrops or even an altoids tin will work

sologuitar147 made it!(author)2007-11-30

i would have never thought of that its pretty sweet!!!

TheTimmer made it!(author)2007-11-28

Try wrapping a length of 550 paracord around it. It can be used as a whole, or by separating the guts and sheath. The guts make great sewing/fishing line, the sleeve can be used as a lighter weight cord.

logic+bomb made it!(author)2007-11-18

it works for you... i like it.

sk8erdude made it!(author)2007-11-18

I almost forgot to mention... if you take the wall hooks the fish hooks and the fishing line combine them with a stick and you can make your very own fishing rod on the cheap!!! basically tie the fishing line to the end of a strong stick

meddler made it!(author)2007-11-18

I have found that dental floss makes a very strong thread, and is useful for a variety of situatitions just take the roll out of the floss case and it will not take up much room. ( p.s. if i spelled any wrong, sorry)

sk8erdude made it!(author)2007-11-18


Weissensteinburg made it!(author)2007-11-17

For more space on the inside, the rubber bands could be wrapped around the tin.

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