The Altoids/fishermans Friend Survival Kit





Introduction: The Altoids/fishermans Friend Survival Kit

This is my first instructable so please be nice! I made a survival tin for myself cause i'm going for a long camping trip this summer.It's a really good tin for espesially fishing thats why it's called the "Fishermans Friend tin".almost anything you need to fit in there can be bought at dollarama.I hope you like it!:)

Step 1: What U Need:

ok so you'll need:

2 rubber bands
The Tin (duh)
plastic mirror
small pencil
fish hooks
steel cord (fishing line)
wall hooks
antiseptic towellette
moist towellette
alcohol swab
band aids
sticky notes
3 safety pins
tin foil
match striking strip (tape in top of tin)
cotton balls with vaseline on it (firemaking)
Led+button cell

Step 2: Crammin' It

Put the flat items on the bottom of the tin. Next put the swiss army knife sideways across the tin, as you can see mine JUST fits. Stick the sharpener and string in above the army knife and you should have some extra room. You can put cotton swabs cotton balls almost anything you can fit.Be creative!

Step 3: And You're Done!

well there it is your very own Fishermans Friend survival tin. I hope you liked my instructable! If you have any suggestions please post them!



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    I think that this is a very good version of one of the many altoids kits, I quite enjoyed it... but I would have to say, since you already have the knife in there, perhaps you should replace the sharpener with something like lip balm, if you can squeeze it into that place. But that is really about the only thing I would change.

    how would lip balm help?

    without protection, you are liable to fry your lips, one thing that water does is reflect sunlight very well. Also, I am from Montana and in this state there is a lot of ice fishing that happens so the lip balm will help there also. Plus, its always nice to have some around you never know when it will come in handy.

    save some space: your knife or a loose razor are pencil sharpeners.

    What is the pencil and pencil sharpener for? From a survival standpoint I mean.

    You could make a map...

    My question is what tins like altoid are safe to heat water in and which tins are not because of toxic leaching? I bought some cute tins around xmas time to make survival kits the tin color is goldish and I just don't know if it would be safe to heat water in them to drink. Can any one tell me how to tell which are okay and why some are not okay to drink from? With much appreciation, Laurie