Step 3: Create the Card Pocket

Fold another dollar bill (#3) in half so it chops Washington's face in half from top to bottom. Insert a credit card into the bill. Now, fold over the edges around the card and tape down so they won't come undone. It should now be a pocket. Be careful not to make the folds too tight, or a card may not slide into it easily and it may tear.
Couldn't you just use another dollar instead of printer paper?
do you put leather in it? :)
&nbsp;Awe some man! I'mma try this now ! How'd youlearn this without reapetedly using dollar bills? what if you made an opps on the tape is what. Youre creative!<br /> <br />
did this with 100$ bills and it looks so tight!!
&nbsp;If it's not loose enough, how can you put money in it?
It was a little hard to understand. Advice for better wording think of better words. But good job. Ill rate this 4 stars.
You...like...that it is more expensive...
first off I love this instructable except i kinda used all of my money on gum. (and do not ask me how old I a I will not reply if you do)
great instructable
he coppied Eswolowski's idea just a little diffrently made
ya'll need to stop acting like kindergartners "he copied he copied!!! get over it ive seen 5 year olds act more mature than you all
I didn't realize that there was another dollar wallet design up until after I posted.
if you look at the other dollar wallet design, its different.
"teacheroftheways" urs is more expensive that i like, but his is more lighter u r evenly matched
He used 5 bills less than you "Teacheroftheways"
after i did this i smiled almost as much as when someone said badger
you are silly, now when someone says badger i crack up laughing. <8 0
this is a good idea; however, adding lamenate would make it better.

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