I am an Outdoor Photographer who tends to use creativity rather then Spending. Often while outside outside it could suddenly rain so, I wanted to further protect my equipment. I already use a sling bag that has a cover and a weatherproof cover for my camera while in extreme Rain or Snow but I wanted to go further to protect the Cameras the my Bag.

Rainproof inserts can be costly so I went to the local Walmart and picked up Duct tape with a pattern and a set of Three Gallon size zip lock style bags from the Dollar tree. ead on and look at the pictures!!!

UPDATE! Survival Pillow Works Great!

Items Needed:
1 Roll of Duct Tape ( I used Camo Pattern!)
1 Gallon Size Ziploc Style Bag ( Three in a set for a Dollar at the Dollar tree!)
Scotch Tape

Total Time to Make:
40 Mins


Dane aka the Wandering Photographer of Norwich Ct.

Step 1:

You will need one bag
<p>Maybe you could put some sort of drawstring on it, just in case</p>
Really cool but what would u put in it?
<p>I use it for a dust proof bag for my camera in my other camera bag</p>
<p>Thank YOu Zap</p>
Simple, but brilliant. The perfect instructable!
This is awesome and I can't wait to try it. I am putting a package together to send to some people in the military. I am going to add a few of these. Thanks for posting!

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