Introduction: The Florida Keys Rack

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As a preface I worked for a year down at a Florida state park and wanted to have a holiday gift for everyone I work with. I had a 6' length of red oak lying around and some free time and decided to is that to make a little an ornament. After making my first Florida cut out I decided they should be should also include the keys.

Step 1: Florida Outline

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I just googled Florida outline and then free handed it onto the wood.

(I cut up the original freehand, this is one of the traces outlines.)

Step 2: Cutting

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I started at the pan handle and cut out the southern portion first. I then continued along the east side and finished with the Georgia line.

Step 3: Sanding

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I just took a palm sander all over the piece.

Step 4: Oil/stain

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I had some walnut oil on hand from a previous food safe project. I decided to just reuse that but an oil/stain will work. The difference is in appearance is instantly noticeable. I like to apply a second coat of oil after a day of drying.

Step 5: Adding Key Hook

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I used a bit to pre-drill a hole for the hook. I then just screwed the hook in by hand.
If I had a router this step would be a tad bit more complicated and make the piece look much neater. However I don't own one so I just added another hook and called it a day.

Step 6: Hanging

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Now it's time to find a nice place to hang your Florida keys rack.

Step 7: Share With Everyone

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Farrelbark (author)2014-12-11

I can't help but see something that isn't Florida here....

mrandle (author)Farrelbark2014-12-12

Yes I saw that as well...

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