This is a cute project that only takes about 10 to 20 minutes.
It is simple to make and the end result is beautiful.
I found the idea on a flower seller site, and I searched here for an Instructable to make my own.
I had no luck finding an instructable here so I winged it!
And here are my results.

This is the perfect last minute mother's day gift, anniversary gift, etc.
I'm actually about to make 9 more for my mom to give to her sisters!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The materials are quite simple.

1. A nice re-plantable flower.
It should be a nice flower with a long stem.
Leaves are ok too.
The project looks best with a single flower, but more is ok if you'd like.

2. A nice mug.
A nice hand painted mug would be nice and personable!

3. Decorative stuff.
Ribbon, bows, little plastic signs, or anything else.
Hi, <br> <br>you had a nice idea but... the plant will be easy to overwater, if you would drill a couple of holes in the bottom of the mug the excess water will flow out of the pot into a suitable undertray... And as an addition you can water the plant in the undertray... <br> <br>grtz, <br> <br>Michael
I dont know why I never got notified about this comment, so sorry for not responding. <br>So, I did have that experience of over watering, but for a short term item it worked out well. Many of my aunts that I gave these two ended up replanting the flowers anyways. But when I made them again last year I did drill three holes in the bottom of the mug and the plants lasted much longer without needing replanting! <br>It was a learning process over time I guess. Thank you for your suggestion though, it was something i would have needed if i didnt learn it myself the hard way lol
Cute gift idea!
Thank you! I think its a great idea. It can be so much more personal too if you get a mug that fits your giftees personality. Like for my boyfriends mother I got a Snoopy mug for her flower because she loves Snoopy.

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