Step 1: Assemble the Body

Picture of Assemble the Body
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I looked up "ornithopter plans" on Google and can up with these plans. However, I wanted to make an ornithopter with four wings, like this. So I decided to base my ornithopter on the free bird plans, but modified it to make it four-winged and for use with my bamboo construction materials.

Start by removing some flat bamboo strips from the place mat and laying out the body shapes. I made some triangles. Using a pencil, carefully mark lines where they overlap. Cut along the lines with your dikes. Carefully clean up the edges with a knife. Glue together with a bit of superglue and spray with accelerator.

Continue for all the joints.
killion015 years ago
were do you get this sticks?
varrok8005 years ago
sorry if i sound stupid, but how do you make the body? I don't understand
vt937 years ago
it would be better if there were measurments
royalestel (author)  vt937 years ago
Y'know, you're absolutely right. It's on my to do list.