The Flying Scrooge: Ornithopter of Household Items


Step 12: Bearing Pictures

As per forum request, here are a few close-up pictures showing the wing and crank bearings in their final form.
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varrok8005 years ago
I made one of these, and the wings won't flap. is it because the crank isn't straight?
GreenAce926 years ago
i have made one of these before, except its a singlewing type, not dual. It flew only so far, they neeed alot of torque to flap the wings. I have a vid of mine on youtube called Jacob's Ornithopter, its made of popsicle sticks lol.
andrew937 years ago
does it really fly??
royalestel (author)  andrew937 years ago
Absolutely. It would fly longer and better if it had an electric motor instead of a rubber band, but it does indeed fly just fine.