This instructable will walk you through the steps for how to make an internet radio player with a custom acrylic casing. All of the necessary files needed to laser cut the custom casing is included.

Check out this webpage for the story behind this project

Step 1: Materials

* 8 Acrylic Sheets (7/32" Thick, 24" x 36")
* internet radio player
* hot glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks
* sandpaper
* acrylic paint(for decoration)

Need Access To:
* laser cutter
* bandsaw

Nice to have:
* chisel
* filer
* other typical tools found in a maker space

Once the materials are acquired, the actual steps in making The Flying Z is quite simple, albeit time consuming. The "nice to have" tools are especially helpful to fine tune the product. In this instructable, we provide the dxf files for the custom casing that we designed. You can replace them with your own, but be sure that the internet radio can stil fit inside. For the streaming radio player, we purchased the Logitech Internet Radio for streaming internet radio stations. You can replace it with any player, maybe even one that you make! Perhaps using a Raspberry Pi.

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