Picture of The Fractal
This instructable is about fractals. It teaches you how to draw a simple one that don't require a computer. I found out about these from a friend.
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Step 1: What is a fractal?

Picture of What is a fractal?
Koch Snowflake.bmp
Sierpinski's Triangle.gif
A fractal is any shape that repeats itself indefinitely within itself. A fern is a perfect of fractals in nature. Other simple fractals are the Sierpinski's Triangle, the Menger Sponge, and the Koch Snowflake.

Step 2: Making a Fractal

Picture of Making a Fractal
This can be done in paint, but most people get programmers to the work for them, since it is very repetitive. This will just teach you how to make a

Step 3: Step 1: The Triangle

Picture of Step 1:  The Triangle
The firs step is to make a black triangle

Step 4: Step 2: The first whit triangle

Picture of Step 2:  The first whit triangle
Now draw a white triangle inside of the black trigangle

Step 5: Step 3: Do this again and again and again...

Picture of Step 3:  Do this again and again and again...
Until you run out of resolution.