The "GO" House is part of “Go Village”, a road map for an affordable camp ground layout, an Air B&B, an artist community or an idea to solve the infrastructure problem for the Earth's billions of human refugees and Have Nots. “Go” is a Chinese game of strategy and involves capturing real estate and lines of supply. The “Go” House was designed as a place to play a two person game of “GO”

Step 1: From This....

Rehab of "Shed Quarters", a garden shed and creation of this micro-home cost about $1500.00 US

<p>I'd suggest that perhaps a 4 way outlet be installed.</p><p>1) Mini Fridge</p><p>2) Fan</p><p>3) Laptop/ Ipod speakers/ phone charger.</p><p>4) etc</p>
<p>Thanks for the idea - there is already one dual outlet in there ---- I kept it simple...but to your point this unit's size makes it is easy to power with solar or conventional electricity - </p>

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