The Garden EPLVLEREPRAETERITORVM (from the Dust of the Past)




Introduction: The Garden EPLVLEREPRAETERITORVM (from the Dust of the Past)

The Garden EPLVLEREPRAETERITORVM (from the dust of the past) involves the physical representations of extinct language, using 3D print technology in its production. The sculptures are a 3-dimensional metaphorical representation of an extinct language when it was in full swing. It’s the Roman alphabet for Latin at around AD 113. The classic Roman capitals (letters rather than column toppers) are misshapen by how they sounded at the time — data from recordings of an ancient language expert pronouncing the letters was applied to distort the letter shapes. A powder was used as a material for 3D prints, to recreate the letters, metaphorically, building them layer by layer as if from the dust of the past.

Artist: Anna Nazo; Videographer: Marie Eisendick; Sound, voiceover: Henry Bennett.

Special thanks to iMakr 3D Printing Store London and Flash Film Studios.



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