The Gearcycle Part 5




Introduction: The Gearcycle Part 5

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Updating the gearcycle project once again. I have taken the levers and put a bar at the end of the levers for extra force and created by the levers themselves. I have also put on socket wrenches which have a smaller handle swing meaning that the area that they don't lock in is smaller and they lock sooner, which means less energy loss. I have also put on a bar on the kickstand which gives the bike extra support. The welder broke down which is was a campbell hausfeld welder and was replaced by a different welder. Any advice on this bike would be greatly appreciated.



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    ok i know that u stutter. just from listening to yr vids. ok. the the truth. please slow down allow yr body to catch up to yr mind. cause most people arent going list thro 8 mins of stuttering to get very little information. if u just slow down an let yr body catch up and it ok to puase the camera so u can catch yr breath

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    now that its in my brain it kinda made me think of how a elliptical exercise machine works maybe if there where guides that controlled how the pedals arms moved it may give it the right feel and im not to sure how the motion of the levers are but the lower portion where the pedals are mounted, if that was longer so the pedals where closer to the center of the bike do you think that may help or have you experimented with that?

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    I've never really experimented with the spacing of the levers themselves. I have experimented with the distance from the pivot point to the pedal, which varies the amount of torque you provide. It may help to bring the pedals closer together, because it means that my legs would be closer together. There is side to side wobble of the lever which leads to energy loss, so I do think that putting a guide would help that. There are several areas of energy loss on this bike. This bike has to be professionally made. Do you experiment with bikes at all?

    watched a few of the other videos you have posted its nice to see some one thinking outside the box and trying new things youve obviously spent a good deal of time working on this. keep up the good work I will look forward to seeing the outcome.

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    Yeah. Let me tell you, it has been a pain working on this bike. You wouldn't believe how much of a pain that it has been. I would greatly appreciate any input you have for ideas on how to improve this bike or get it working better. Feel free to check on my other videos on my channel vistigioful. I have plenty of other homemade creations.