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okay, here is my newest knex gun. When you first look at it, you may think it looks like a gun that shoots connector ammo, but it's not. It has removable BLUE rod magazines. With internal pushers. Cool eh? I don't have much else to say, but i must give credit to The Dunkis, because this is his mag push. This gun would suck without it. And, I sorta got inspired by Killer~Safecracker to make this, because his guns all shoot connector ammo, which I hate. So I made a blue rod shooting gun with removable magazines. Alright. PROS AND CONS!

Pretty good accuracy
Quick changing mags
looks cool
the small magazine is all inside the gun, which makes it awesome
Doesn't use TOO many parts
quite a bit of bands can be put on
Sweet sights
Good range (50 feet)
Two sizes of magazines you can build

The magazines breaks a Y clip. (That makes the mag work, but you dont have to break it, the gun does it by itself)
Magazines use two cut broken rods

Alright. If you don't know if you want to build, then listen to this:
Build it if you want a gun with internally pushed removable magazines.
Build it if you want a gun that shoot s blue rods really hard
Build it if you sorta want a compact assault rifle
Build it if you want a fun gun!

Okay, now that I have enticed you to build this, let's go to the next step, shall we?

(warning, batteries not included)

Step 1: Outside Panels

These, well, are the outside panels. (some internals included) Get building!

1: Make this panel twice
2: Put blue rods on one of them
3: Close up. (read note)
4: Make this!
5: Make all this stuff. (read note)
6: Add this stuff to the panel with blue rods
7: Add that and the grey spacers
8: Add this and go to the next step!

Step 2: Handle

This is the handle and some internals. Let"s build it!

1: Make this! You are done! Just kidding :P
2: Add it!
3: Make all of this, and get the spacers too
4: Add all the stuff you just made
5: Again, make some stuff
6: Add that stuff. (sorry it's really bright. so read the note)
7: Add that thing, and some spacers
8: Put the last panel on, and add a blue clip and the other thingy. Keep those tan clips near.

Got to the break!

Step 3: BREAK!!!

Finally! Let's sit down, and pig out on some corn dogs! Then go to the next step after you are stuffed XD

Step 4: Putting It Together


1: Wait wait wait wait wait. We need to build this stuff before we put it together.
2: Add those grey connectors there
3: Add the blue rods
4: Add the big panel.
5: Put those on
6: put THOSE on...

Let's make a magazine!

Step 5: Magazine

Let's make a mag.

These are just a few views. (read the notes)

Step 6: Extras

Firing pin and bands.

1: Make it (Read note)
2: Get these bands
3: Put the pin in and add bands.
4: Add trigger band


Step 7: Loading and Firing!

Alright, I'll show you how to load your gun, and fire it. Even if you aren't a noob, still do this step.



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    I give this gun a 5-star rating. This is the most powerful gun I have made sp far. This is just pure awesomeness, keep on making awesome knex guns Seleziona! :)

    1 reply

    I know, this is one of my favourite guns for a very good reason! Thank you though :)

    lol im eating a corn dog right now any way... why is it called a corn dog anyway? pros and cons of a corndog Pros: Yummy. Cons:not a dog stuffed with corn.

    4 replies

    It's called a corndog because it is a hotdog covered in cornbread. That's why.

    They are called corndogs because they are hot dogs deep fried in cornmeal batter.

    ROFL!! haha, that made me laugh :D

    In step 1 pic 5, does that grey connector need to be broken?

    can you show where the broken y connector needs to be and how it is broken?
    i can't see it

    4 replies

    Don't break one. If you have strong enough elastics, the gun will break it for you. No lies.

    well, i have pretty many y-cons, and also a couple broken ones. but on which side of the mag must be the broken one?

    It has to be facing the right way. The broken side faces the back of the gun, and it is on the side closest to the front.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I knowww.............. So, deep fried and gooooooood....

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................deep fried twinke..................

    Mmmmmmmmmmm........... deep fried chicken......................


    Mmmmmmmmmmm........ DEEP FRIED CHOCOLATE!!!