Dear Steampunkers, dear friends

This time a very short Instructable about a simple idea how to build a nice Steampunk lamp. I found the bulb at a flea market for a few bucks. It was used for industry lights and works with 220 Volts / 750 Watts.

Note: If you are not used to work with 110V/220V please ask a skilled collegue to get you a hand.

Step 1: Connecting the Dimmer and Testing the Bulb

First I checked the bulb with an old dimmer which I got from an other lamp from the junk yard. It worked well, so I blocked the potentiometer from the dimmer at a low setting, just that the bulb is shining in a warm orange light.

Step 2: The Wooden Base

I found an old wooden box in my storage which was just big enough to mount the bulb on the top. I drilled a hole for the cable and connected it to the dimmer. To hide the socket of the bulb I used a huge and heavy brass piece. I have no idea for what it was used before...

Step 3: The Finish

To finish this short project I mounted the heavy brass socket on the wooden base with power glue. That's a fast and clean way. Be sure that you remove all the fat traces on the brass before you glue.

I hope I could give you some ideas how to create your own Steampunk Lamp in a few steps. It's fun!!

I send you greetings from my laboratory in the Swiss mountains.

The Chocolatist



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<p>Just to make sure you know but Edison didn't invent the lightbulb, he stole the idea from Nikola Tesla.</p><p>Cool 'ible though :)</p>
<p>Thanks. Just read a book few days ago, seems Joseph Wilson Swan from England invented the light bulb 1878, but he waited too long to get the patent. So Edison was faster and got it beginning of 1880. After a court procedure between the two guys they had to fuse their companies to &quot;Edison &amp; Swan United Electric Light Company&quot;. A complicated history, but fact is we call the bulbs &quot;Edison Bulbs&quot;, we use &quot;Edison Sockets&quot; like E27, The bulbs have &quot;Edison Screws&quot; and so on......</p><p>Ciao Dan</p>
<p>Edison did not invent the incandescent bulb. He made a commercially viable version. And even that had a lot of hype to discourage other developers.</p>
<p>Wow, an interesting history!</p><p>Who would have thought that something we use everyday had such an inetresting history behind it.</p>
Edison invented the plug in bulb and nickola tesla invented the screw in bulb..so he really just invented the screw part
<p>Yes... and in the end Edison lost all his patents concerning light bulbs.... Thanks your your comment and your interest. Sincerely The Chocolatist</p>
<p>Awesome steampunk build! Looks so cool, not to mention who can turn down a cool lamp? Lamps are always useful!</p>
<p>Many thanks for your comment! This one you can even use as a room heater :-)</p>
<p>Gr8 b8 m8. I r8 this b8 a str8 8/8 m8. Please no h8.</p>
<p>Thanks m8!! Gr8 comment!!</p>

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