The Glass Spider Studio


Introduction: The Glass Spider Studio

These are pictures of my long-awaited lampworking studio. After moving from our home with a so-so basement studio, it took a year and a half to get my new studio up and running. For me, it was worth the wait!



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    Thanks Martha. I'm afraid I don't remember all of the details of how the system was done. My late husband put it all together, and I don't even live in that house any more (I really miss that studio!). You are right, the hood area was a wooden box (I'd suggest making it a little bigger for better elbow room, or make it a little more shallow), and I believe the duct was made of a dryer duct, or something similar. As for the system itself, Mark found a site on line that specializes in ventilation systems for various needs. I think he found one rated for either glass work or jewelry work.

    You are also right that the magnetic tin system was just a piece of metal screwed to the wall. Home Depot sells sheets of metal and I just bought one of those. You can also use baking sheets, which I did for a while in my previous basement studio. They worked fine, just weren't as big as I wanted.

    Good luck with your studio! I'm afraid my new home doesn't have space for one at the moment, but I have researched the cost of building a nice shed work space in my back yard, and that may happen eventually.

    Beautiful! I'm a metalsmith (mostly small-scale stuff, jewelry, baby spoons), and I would love to have a fume hood set-up like your "torcher chamber" (being a fellow pyro!). What sort of suction system did you use? I'm assuming that the hood area consists of a constructed wooden box and the duct is something like a dryer duct from home depot, but how did you set up the suction area? Just curious. My studio has very little space and was originally converted garage, so not at all equipped for what i do... :(

    And one more dumb question. I was eyeballing your magnetic tin system, and have been pondering a system lie that myself. Is it just a sheet of steel that you've mounted to your wall?



    WOW no walking sideways between piles of supplies for you !!! really nice studio !

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    Ha! Well, not when it's clean, at least!


    what are the dimensions to this room. Love it!

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    Thanks! It's roughly 19'x21, slightly narrower than a garage bay, but same depth.

    I love this room, and I don't even like the color green that much..........but, you made it work! Beautiful Space, inspires me.

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    Thanks! When I first put the color up I was worried I'd made a mistake, but I'm happy with the results.

    Nice space! I have to work in a dark and dusty garage with the door propped open. Lucky you!

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    Thanks! I had to share my previous space with camel crickets! Definitely loving the change!