The Glen the Stove Project at its core is a data logging experiment that reads and records (via Twitter) 5 temperature sensors. It involves software written in Processing, a PicAxe microcontroller, a few buttons and a small LCD screen. A small "control panel" allows the user to input preferences and data, as well as houses the micro controller and associated parts.

To be quite clear here: This instructable is NOT a step-by-step instruction on how to replicate exactly what I have done. To be honest, I can't imagine many people with a 1937 coal stove in there house, let alone a MacGyver'ed heating system attached. On the other hand, this project contains many "chunks" or "systems" that can be studied, reused, cut and pasted etc. The system of sending updates to Twitter will be the same no matter if you are keeping an eye on the temp of a stove or the dryness of the dirt around a plant. Same goes for the system that allows the microcontroller to talk to the Processing app. This is a very universal, reusable "system" that can be used with a lot of different projects.

**NOTE*** This instructabe is not really for beginners. An assumption is made that one following these instructions has a basic knowledge of microcontrollers, java or processing and simple wiring (sensor to ADC for example)

**ALSO NOTE**  Being that this project is not one that someone would follow exactly, and staying with the idea of showing the important "chunks" of the code, I have recorded a few video walk-throughs showing the code I used and where to find the relevant parts. This, I think, is going to be the most helpful to anyone looking to do something similar to what I have done.

By the by... I am Chris the Carpenter and I can be found at  Rocket Brand Studios.

Step 1: Let's Get Started

First: Watch the Intro Video

Second, look at pictures of the control panel:


<p>Pretty cool!</p><p>I may follow your stove!</p>
Man, this is awesome. <br><br>I love how you mixed old technology with new technology like twitter. Thanks for the instructable! :D

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