Step 3: The Processing Side

Again, as I said in the intro, this particular piece of code is not going to work for really anyone off-the-shelf. It is pretty specific to my particular project. However, it contains a bunch of "sub systems" that could be used for lots of stuff. Some, not all, of those pieces are as follows:

Code to initiate twitter on start-up
Code to send a tweet (do a status update)
Code to catch a tweet (do a search for keywords and DM's)
Code to send and receive serial data from a microcontroller (picaxe, arduino, prop, bs2 etc)
Code to timestamp stuff.
Etc. etc. etc.

Please see the enclosed video. Watch what you want and take from it what you want. There should be something for everyone in there --like I said, take what you would like and disregard the rest.

**NOTE** I have no idea how to do that screen-grab video capture thing.

<p>Pretty cool!</p><p>I may follow your stove!</p>
Man, this is awesome. <br><br>I love how you mixed old technology with new technology like twitter. Thanks for the instructable! :D

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