Picture of The Glowing Cherry Blossoms
Although I love winter and snow, I'm already thinking about spring!  The concept of this project was to bring some "glow" to a normal painting.  Now I am in no regard a very good painter, but I recently got my hands on some conductive paint from friend here and with my love of LEDs I knew I had to get some sort of project going.

This project brings together the normal necessities of a painting and spices it up with the warm glow of a few LEDs.  The LEDs give a bit more light to your normal wall hanging. 

The abilities of conductive paint are endless and I hope to see more projects coming out in the future.


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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
 Main materials:
- canvas
- paint brushes
- acrylic paint 
- conductive paint 
- LEDs (I'm using red 3mm ones)
- battery holder
- batteries (CR2032 type)
- alligator clips 

Other materials:
- needle nose pliers
- nail polish  
- pencil 

Step 2: Deciding on a design

Picture of Deciding on a design
Picture 3.png
I always like to have a plan for what I'm going to make and just like with this project I made a rough (very rough) sketch of what I was thinking for the painting.   

As you can see from the lovely sketches the first is simply the design.  The second depicts where the LEDs will generally go and also where the positive/negative lines of paint will connect each LED together, eventually leading to the battery.

Step 3: Prepping and testing the LEDs

Picture of Prepping and testing the LEDs
First you'll want to mark which prong of the LED is positive (the longer one), mark this with nail polish.

Now test all your LEDs by hooking them up with the alligator clips and battery.  This helps with two things 1. to make sure you have the right color and 2. to make sure all the LEDs work before getting too far into the painting. 

Lastly, using your needle nose pliers bend and twirl the prongs so that the LED can sit straight up and are able to be attached to the canvas.
What brand of conductive paint did you use?
Dr.Bill3 years ago
Sakura !
ipf_group3 years ago
Simple and nice. Good !