Although I love winter and snow, I'm already thinking about spring!  The concept of this project was to bring some "glow" to a normal painting.  Now I am in no regard a very good painter, but I recently got my hands on some conductive paint from friend here and with my love of LEDs I knew I had to get some sort of project going.

This project brings together the normal necessities of a painting and spices it up with the warm glow of a few LEDs.  The LEDs give a bit more light to your normal wall hanging. 

The abilities of conductive paint are endless and I hope to see more projects coming out in the future.


Step 1: Materials Needed

 Main materials:
- canvas
- paint brushes
- acrylic paint 
- conductive paint 
- LEDs (I'm using red 3mm ones)
- battery holder
- batteries (CR2032 type)
- alligator clips 

Other materials:
- needle nose pliers
- nail polish  
- pencil 
What brand of conductive paint did you use?
Sakura !
Simple and nice. Good !

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