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Introduction: The "Go Bag"

About: As my user name indicates I take a budgeted approach to survival. Check out my creative survival kits and more on YouTube!

Whether it be something that you carry on you as a daily convenience, emergencies, or the zombie apocalypse it's good to have a "Go Bag" on or near you at all times!

Check out my other creative survival kits as well!  Enjoy!  :)

See more of my DIY survival kits at



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    One of the perks about being in the military is being issued cool stuff! :)

    lol are you Christian because I saw you said god bless on something cause I am

    I didn't know they still issued gas masks. Interesting.

    Hey there I love your video, lots of good information the only thing is that dosent that First Aid kit look really bulky for what it is? I would suggest putting that in a Ziploc bag and you will have saved tons more space, also the Cliff bars (personally I have not tried them yet) but I suggest taking them out of the box and also putting in a Ziplock bag to save space and then its also water proof, also put in some underwater matches and a survival book and you're set.

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    Thanks! Yeah I already did something very similar to what you suggested. :)

    Have you ever thought about making a portable HAM radio station for a car?