I really wanted to make a dress that involved recycled items and Came up with this idea. The best part about this dress is the design and all the materials are FREE! I also made this dress as a movie prop to an animation that i am doing for a class at school.

The materials i used to make the dress are:
-White material
-15 cereal boxes (all sizes)
-30 candy wrappers (different types)
-Needle and string (or sewing machine
-Clear tape

Step 1: First Step: Dress Pattern

 To start the dress you will need to have an out line dress to attach the cereal boxes and candy wrappers too.  The dress pattern needs to be simple and plain,  because when the dress is finished you shouldn't  be able to see the white material under neither.
Read and follow the directions on the pattern bag. 

The simple steps to making the white under dress are:
1st. Cut the patterns out of the paper
2nd. Cut the strips of the dress to the length you would like it to be.
3rd. Pin the strips of the dress pattern to the white material
4th. Cut out the dress patterns with the white material under neither.
Are you going to enter it in the Fashion contest....I think you should. I will vote for you!
wow~!!! <br>its so nice!! <br>but i think its not so easy to make... <br>you need a little more patient in making it and <br>can i ask??? <br>does it take one day to make that dress????
Do you think this could be done by hand? I haven't used a sewing machine since in 23 years (I was 11 the last time). I like sewing by hand it's very relaxing. Do you think it would work for this project? <br>
This is SO awesome! One day...
I love that. . . So awesome!!
Thanks for all the nice feed back guys
That's so awesome!<br>Love it! =)
That's fantastic. Great job. :D

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