Step 4: Mafia Family Rank

Picture of Mafia Family Rank
When you Join the family the rank you start from will be call associates. They can hold pistols and learn from the pro in the family. The are like privates in a mafia group. They can do the basic missions and get paid less. They don,t get much respect but when they go to the next rank they will have the right respect.

Soldier are the right and do the missions if the capo or don orders them. Also underboss. Solders are half skill in shooting and fights. They can try to escort business better. Associates are the ones that protects the business and can not escort business well.

Capo are the captains of the mafia family. They get the best money and gives order around the lower classes

Underboss are 2nd in charge of the family. The give some orders.

Boss aka Don, are the best of all and control the whole family. And gets bigger pay from escorting business.

Don of the city Is the highest. They control the city. The mayor is still over power to the don of the city. And can't control the cops too.