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"The Golden Zeppelini" a 1930's Zeppelin commissioned by Mussolini for the Italian war effort. I discovered this rare vehicle with help from the great granddaughter of Rommel. My team and I built it in my shop "Form & Reform" in West Oakland. This is how you can make your story into reality.

Following is the basic process by which we built this amazing vehicle. This is meant as a process guide for building any kind of wheelchair based vehicle and as a loose guide for building this one. There are far too many details in this project and each step could be broken into many different standalone Instructables. I hope by posting this you gather your own team and make your own dream car together. The sum of the parts makes wonderful things!

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Step 1: Wheelchair Base

This is the 3rd wheelchair I have done and I love how much time I spend on the art part and how little time I need to work on motors, steering linkages, drive trains and general mechanics of a full car build.

After Building the Electrobite I was contacted by a few people that wanted to give us wheelchairs for future projects. Larry was nice enough to give me Quickie and help me out with some spare parts and programmers.

I checked out craigslist and found quite a few late models for under $500.
Make sure the batteries are good and everything works before purchasing.

Make sure to get the heavy duty ones. Most of these will hold 300-400 lbs. total including your chair. Keep this weight in mind as you design and build your vehicle. Dressed I'm 200 lb., plus the traction/batteries at 75 lb. meant I had to keep my shell weight under 125 lb.

Once you get it back to the work shop use it, play on it, take it to a party and drive it around the neighborhood. You will have a much better idea of what needs to be fixed, its range, how to drive and a very small appreciation for what it’s like to need one of these every day! It's quite an eye opener for how differently people treated me in one, even close friends.
<p>Not only is this way cool but I think you can regard this as an artistic statement.</p><p>Really pleased you did this and made this Instructable for all!</p>
I love it!!!
very nice! <br>where do you get your wheelchairs? <br>
yeah, I had to say this.its a LED Zeppelin. ha
I saw this at maker faire last month! it was amazing, although i didnt get to see it running. great idea, process, and result.
The future of personal transport has arrived!
adapt a scooter driveline,check out this scooter/ google it / Fantastic Vetter Torpedo / designed and built by Craig Vetter // love the vehicle,great job
This is the best Instructable I have seen. Everything from the design, planning, execution, documentation and finished product are truly impressive. The only thing that could make this better would be a picture of me driving it. Your copious pictures were extremely helpful to understand just how demanding a job like this is. You have a tremendous crew to be able to put together something that looks this good, <u>and</u> works. My tophat off to you! Also, a patch to you. And when will we see this model at the dealership?
EXCELLENT JOB! Well Done!<br><br>Just one observation note: At rear wheel you should add some kind of suspension or spring because it hears like a huge can when it fells back...<br><br>Another is the wind screen to protect the driver....<br><br><br>But i liked too much...how much did cost all the project?
Yes I remember seeing it drive by a few times while I was out there. Truly an amazing piece of work.
Thanks Lance
<strong>Unbelievable! </strong>One of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. I can't believe you made this in only 29 days. Wonderful! What more can I say?&nbsp;
Now the only thing that could make this better would be to, 1. Add solar panels, and 2. Take it to burning man.<br><br>In that order =]
Ha! First comment! Once again mind blowingly awesome. :)
1st to see it too! Thanks!

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