The Goliath ( Final Version) Knex Railgun





Introduction: The Goliath ( Final Version) Knex Railgun

Using thousands of pieces and being over 2 1/2 ft and 3-4 lbs this thing is truly a Goliath.
After knex finally shipped me the order I furiously worked on this gun (and promptly used all 100 yellow connectors) until t was finished. This is the most versatile gun ever able to fire anything that fits down the barrel.
This gun has three modes
1. Single shot
2. Mag fed
3. Turret fed

This gun is able to mount any kind of attachments ie..
Extra grips

Step 1: Some Stats

Range (turret) 120 ft
Range (single shot) 160 ft
Range (mag fed yellow rods) 75 ft

Power (9 bands)

Step 2: Special Features

You may notice the wheels on the stock or maybe you saw the funny looking mount in the front.

The wheels give it a wide base on the bipod and allow it to be moved around

The mount on the front allows for a tr-8 turret

Step 3: Instructions

Heck no I am not wasting a year of my life lol

It uses more pieces than most people have so it would be pointless



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    Hey, is this goliath can break DVDs?

    Super cool! Your getting a lot better! Do you think you could make a video?

    the CMMG MK47 Mutant

    Well I am working on a removable horizontal mag gun currently so maybe later

    I don't do replicas. I can use other guns as inspiration but can't replicate them like you or blue mullet

    I spend most of my time making guns from my imagination too, I mostly combine aspects of several guns and combine them into one, but yeh from time to time I make a replica :^)
    but you should atleast try it man, It's not that hard of a gun and no one has done it before :^)