The Goliath Prototype





Introduction: The Goliath Prototype + Added Ideas

Before I start please note that this is a prototype and the layer of white connectors is simply there until I get a new shipment of knex
(250 green rods 10 y clips 50 white rods 75 orange connectors 100 yellow connectors 50 white connectors) and that place will be a fifth layer. Because this gun is a prototype not a final version I need some help. What would u guys like to see on the gun (ie. Different scopes or handles ect..) and any changes that you think need to happen.

Now for some stats
It's called the Goliath for a reason (it's 2ft 7 1/2 inches long)
Range 100+ ft
Ammo basically anything
Mech slingshot railgun
Yellow rod mag at front holds 5 rounds
Charging handle

Step 1: Update

Still waiting on the knex shipment (they ship from Pennsylvania and I live in Pennsylvania why does it take sooooo long lol) but I got some more bands and have plans on what I will add to the gun.

Ten plans for the Goliath

1. Add a sniper scope to the top rail
2. Possibly extend the barrel??
3. add a fore-grip
4. Change the charging handle
5. Change bipod
6. Make everything at least five layers and then some
7. Slightly change trigger
8. Add mount so that a turret can be mounted and shot using a longer firing pin
9. Possibly change stock??
10. Have ammo storage in stock??

??=might not happen



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    Heck I can shoot anything from wheels to playing cards lol

    Corgi it shoots anything you can fit in it it shoots finammo oodammo And anything else

    Ah, that makes a lot more sence.

    Each gun you build gets better and better! Great job keep on building man!

    Hmmm, not sure about that kind of range with rods. I video would help with that though. Even without a shipment of knex, it is clear you have way more K'nex then me. I do like this gun. Good luck finishing it up!

    in ny opion it could use a forgrip