The Good Season in Our Garden.


Introduction: The Good Season in Our Garden.

I love flowers, the garden, the open air.
I wish it was springtime the whole year round!

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    Splendid. Are all of those your flowers from your garden? If so they must surely love you a great deal because they bloom so well for you. Very colorful and pretty.

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    Thank you!
    These flowers are all from my garden, and I'm very proud of them as for many years I lived in Milan and I was only allowed to have a few potted plants on my balcony and they'd die in a matter of weeks. Since we moved here in Mantua and got a garden I could prove that I was quite a good gardener! :-P

    What do you mean?
    I created this album uploading all of the photos at the same time.

    this is actually quite slpended, great job! must have taken alot of effort!

    Thank you|
    I like the idea of taking photos of the flower when in bloom, I can still look at them during the long winters! :-)