The Good Season in Our Garden.





Introduction: The Good Season in Our Garden.

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Third Prize in the
Share Your Garden Photo Contest

I love flowers, the garden, the open air.
I wish it was springtime the whole year round!



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    Splendid. Are all of those your flowers from your garden? If so they must surely love you a great deal because they bloom so well for you. Very colorful and pretty.

    Thank you!
    These flowers are all from my garden, and I'm very proud of them as for many years I lived in Milan and I was only allowed to have a few potted plants on my balcony and they'd die in a matter of weeks. Since we moved here in Mantua and got a garden I could prove that I was quite a good gardener! :-P

    Lovely photos!

    Did you just recently add a bunch of photos?

    What do you mean?
    I created this album uploading all of the photos at the same time.

    this is actually quite slpended, great job! must have taken alot of effort!

    Thank you|
    I like the idea of taking photos of the flower when in bloom, I can still look at them during the long winters! :-)