The GorillaTape Gorillapod! (flexible Tripod Under $10)





Introduction: The GorillaTape Gorillapod! (flexible Tripod Under $10)

EASY and QUICK instructions on how to build a flexible tripod that can support heavy cameras like DSLR's.

When you are finished, it will be just as strong as the $70 name brand Gorillapods, but will cost you less than $10... (Less than $4 if you already have the tape).

Step 1: Materials and Tools

All materials can be found at Home Depot, or any other local hardware store nearby.


Wire cutters
Bare Hands


small roll of Gorilla Tape ($5) (free if you already have some, or borrow from a friend)
1/4" x 2" Hex bolt ($0.19)
strong electrical wire (3 feet) ($1.07 / ft) = $3.21

I don't know what the specific wire I used for this instructable is called, but it has 5 wires inside, wrapped in a yellow cover. If you can't find this, just look for insulated wire that will be strong enough to support your camera. I prefer thicker wire that has rubber insulation.

Step 2: Cut and Bend

Cut the wire evenly into 1 foot segments and bend the ends as in the photo.

Each U-bend is approx. 1.5" long.

Step 3: Tape

Rip off about 6 inches of the tape.
Rip into skinnier strips.
These will be used as primary attachment of the wire to the bolt.

Each time you apply tape, do it VERY TIGHTLY.
The GorillaTape can definitely handle it, and it will make your Gorillapod a lot stronger.

Tape the first leg to the bolt as in the photo.
Tape the second leg right next to the first one, and of course,
tape the third one down.

Your tripod should now look like the one in the 3rd photo.

Finally, wrap this section up like in the photo, making sure the bottom is tightly taped in place so that the bolt cannot slip downward.

Step 4: Take It to the Jungle

Now screw it up to your camera, and get out there!

The beauty of this design is how simple it is, how STRONG it is, how cheap it is, and how adaptable it can be.

Since YOU are the one building this GorillaTape Gorillapod, YOU have the power to choose the length of your legs, and even how many legs you want. If you feel like you should have an 8 legged pod, then build it that way!

Build it to suit your needs, and enjoy!

Feel free to leave comments and let me know how yours turned out...



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If anyone cares, I found the exact wire-

Just google "63947601" and you'll get it

I joined the community specifically for this project just made mine got the material from lowes, they didn't have the same wire.. mine is Orange with 3 thick wires.. I will see how it work so far its exciting, how long have you used it has it shown any signs of wear? I will be doing the Plasti-dip as well great idea! Any thoughts on how to add a ball mount that isn't $20+ to it? I am looking myself, let me know if anyone comes up with something!

I realize this is an old comment, but has anybody come up with a manageable answer on a DIY ball mount yet?

Thanks, and a fantastic 'ible!

This sounds like a perfect use for sugru

eight-legged pods should be called octopods, not tripods

 I am building this as we speak. Great work!

This is a GREAT idea. Just realized you could use HOSE CLAMPS instead of tape to connect the bot to the wire. They are cheap and strong. You could still cover the connection with tape if you wanted. To make things even neater, you could also cover the connection to the bolt and the ends (feet) of the wire in shrink wrap, too.

I created something very similar. We had some unused 12awg wire at work, so I used doubled up pieces for the legs, then I put some heat-shrink tubing on them. I used a large crimp-on lug instead of the tape. I put a 1/4-20 bolt through the lug, and used a couple nuts to make sure the bolt was secure. I've been meaning to make another one, because of a design feature I want to add. I've been using the 1st gen for about a year and a half, and decided that I want to add a 'neck' to the 2nd gen. I've wrapped mine around rod sign posts to get group shots of my cycling group, and the neck will make it much easier to 'straighten' the camera so I get a mostly level shot.

Dude...I've been reading a lot of DIY photo stuff and this is the most under rated project. This thing is awesome. I did make a couple of additions to mine though. I built up the tape on the ends to create a type of foot and then I plasti-dipped the ends and the top. after it dried i justed cut and peeled it off the threads. Looks store bought. Thanks again for this great project!