Our home town, located in Cumbum Valley, Tamil Nadu, India, is surrounded by hills (Western Ghats) on all sides which host a variety of flora and fauna. The hills also contain lots of medicinal plants growing in abundance.

When our children wanted to go for an outing, I took the opportunity to take them to the hills and asked them to identify medicinal plants which they might come across in the wilderness. Our three children, one of my niece and myself undertook this trip to the hills, which was just a few kilometers away from our home.

With my assistance the children identified so many medicinal plants growing in the hills. I hope our little expedition will be helpful for those who are interested in medicinal plants.

I have given the medicinal properties of the plants as it appears on the websites I have referred to without any alteration.

Step 1: Safety

Safety first...

The waterfalls you can see at the background is home for lots of wild animals including wild elephants. So, the children had to contain themselves and not to wander into deep jungle. Also we carried enough water, some snack food for the children and a first aid kit.

With my guidance, the children started exploring the surroundings for any plants which may contain medicinal value.
<p>sir i need this leaves for medicine to my sonn 16months.please suggest wher can i get</p>
For a 16 month old kid, please get advice from a Doctor. These plants grow as weeds in Western Ghats in South India. Where do you live...?
<p>Amazing landscape. I am living in india for a while, so it is great to learn about some of the local plants. Thank you.</p>
thank you... Hope you will enjoy your stay here
<p>You must be an amazing dad. Your children look like they're growing into awesome people, your home is amazing, and your plants are stunning. Thank you for keeping alive the traditions which our medicine men/women practiced for so many generations. In the west it is all but lost, and that makes me sad.</p>
thank you Oscelot... time will come when people realize their mistake of destroying all those medicinal plants growing as weeds
Your children are very fortunate to receive this valuable information from you. I learned many things like this from my grandmother, which resulted in me later making natural skin &amp; hair care products using herbs, essential oils, clays &amp; other natural substances. Identifying plants in this manner is becoming a lost tradition in many cultures, which is really sad.
you are very correct... people thing all those medicinal plants as weeds and try to eradicate them from their patch of land. use of chemical weed killer is one main reason for the disappearance of most of the medicinal plants which our grandparents used to cure common illness
<p>Beautiful children . They are blessed to have such a good Daddy</p>
thank you...
<p>you are a wonderful Dad and human being </p>
<p>what a great instructable! i love going to the outdoors and find edible or medicinal plants! i'm just a bid sad now that i won't be able to find most of the plants described here in germany! the black nightshade grows here as well, but the rest i'm not sure....</p>
thank you.... In areas which experience severe cold, summer is the season to search for medicinal and edible plants.
<p>I don't know much about medicinal plants although the elders back home did use them almost exclusively. Thank you for posting this but I must comment on the main picture. </p><p>Stunning! Something about it is very captivating. </p>
thank you very much for appreciation...
<p>me like animal </p>
its good to of you to share these facts.hope to see more.
thank you...
<p>That's so cool, I wish I had that growing up </p>
thank you....
<p>Absolutely wonderful presentation....Thank you for spending the time to create this and for sharing your work with us..........</p>
thank you...
Thanks Antoniraj. its a beautiful experience to treck in jungle. I also have similar experiences and wonder whether herbs are in demand in Tamil Nadu still? please comment
thank you...<br><br>Some herbs are still being used in Tamil Nadu.<br><br>The leaves of Green Amaranth, Black Nightshade, Thooduvalai (Solanum trilobatum) and fruits of Trellis-vine (Pergularia daemia) are used as green vegetables.<br><br>The paste made from leaves of Indian acalypha is used for scabies and skin ailments.<br><br>Most of all one herb which is most in demand is Phyllanthus amarus (Carry me seed plant), which is being used for treatment of Jaundice all over Tamil Nadu.
awesome instructable. hope to see more.
thank you...
hi great work. Do you help us to identify if I plan with my kids. I want to give such exposure to my kids
yes sure... you can plan any time
Great. Thank you for the local names. Great compilation.
thank you
Great work. But in my opinion it would have been more useful if you have added the tamil names as well as the medicine recepies are having tamil/telugu names and not scientific names. ;)
thank you... I will add the Tamil /Telugu and Sanskrit names also
Tamil and Sanskrit names added
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Very useful project.Thanks for sharing.I have travelled alot in India and love your country for the south indian food.Voted.All the best
thank you...
Great info thanks
thank you...
great... got my vote...
Wow! You are blessed with natural reserves! Voted!
thank you artworker... its a kind of paradise here...
Great job! The information is very useful and your images are terrific.
thank you...
Beautiful pictures! And i love the natural medicinal flora!
thank you HelmutHound ...
wow..!!this place is so beautiful..!! is the cumbum valley same place where the chennai express was shot??
thank you... some shots taken at Munnar in Kerala Devikulam Lake, Meesapulimala, Wagavara and Kannimala are very nearer to our place.. but we do not have train service here
Ohh..!!how much is the distance from chennai? I've been to chennai last year..!!I love south india...

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