Picture of The Great Peruvian Sushi: Uchu Sushi

Peruvian cuisine is one of the best in the world and it is known not only for its exquisite taste, but also for its variety and ability to incorporate the influence from different times and cultures.

The Peruvian cuisine is an important expression of its own culture and tradition. It embraces new trends and influences and fuse them into something uniquely Peruvian. In fact, like Chinese and Italian, Japanese is one of the great late 19th and early 20th century migrations to Peru. The Japanese immigrants began opening seafood centered restaurants that inspired a resurgence love of fish and consequently the development of the “Ceviche” and “Tiradito” we know today.

The mayors of the ingredients found in every Peruvian dish are rice, potatoes, chicken and fish. Most of these meals include one of the different kinds of "Aji", or peruvian hot pepper, which mainly are: yellow aji pepper, red aji pepper, red rocoto pepper, and many others. Most of these kinds of aji are difficult to find in any other country. The Quechua word for Aji is “Uchu”.

Uchu Sushi is an amalgam of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine that goes beyond Sushi. It is a mixture of flavors that integrate Peruvian and Japanese cuisine at its highest level. The local ingredients and seafood from the Peruvian ocean creates an exquisite plate.


Thanks for sharing this! Culinary history is fascinating.