Picture of The Great Pumpkin
Pure pumpkin Halloween costume

Step 1: Make the costume

Picture of Make the costume
To make this costume I purchased two pumpkins. One slightly lager than my head and another larger than my waist. For the hat: I cut out a hole the size of my head, cleaned out the stringy bits and seeds and wore it. For the "pants" I cut a hole through one side of the pumpkin and out the other, removed the gunk and put it on.
neomancer454 years ago
idk guys, i think the pres doing this would b a boon. obama pumpkin... lmao
nerfer1927 years ago
you look like tory bellachi from mythbusters.
Looks more like a dead ringer for Jason Segel to me.
exactally what i was thinking...
Same here... Same Personality...
Iloveme4 years ago
Yummy I like the colors. do you make cheese cake? keep up the good work!
Iloveme4 years ago
You have a fun sense of humor don't listen to the squares who said the the pics will come back to haunt you they won't. keep your sense of humor we need more people like you and less computer know it all geeks!
These photos WILL come back to haunt you during your run for office.
Please don't tell me you were running around in the nude with only a hat!!!! Yuck. That's worse than when I got my braces yesterday. Gross. Keep your pants on, literally.
Luna Doesn't have braces, and you said you were luna lovegood!
jesse.hensel (author)  LunaLovegood6 years ago
As you can clearly see in step 2 I wore clothing underneath the pumpkin.
only underware
I wish people would dress as crazy as this in MY neighborhood. Barrington is so BORING.
Barrington just plain sounds boring.
cool costume although i think those images will haunt me forever
me too..............
awww... but look how happy he is... This costume brought us the greatest gift of all... the sound of a child's laughter...
You mean a child's crying.
Nymph6 years ago
LOL! That's the funniest thing I've seen all day! Thanks for posting it!
jillg6 years ago
thats just plain messed up but oh so cool
iBurn6 years ago
I am never trick-or-treating near your house........ Very...uhhhh....eco-friendly costume though!
I don't think many moms would want you giving their kids candy. Good idea though!
EnigmaMax6 years ago
I don't think linus would want to see that in a pumpkin patch at night...
OMG, I am just glad you didn't sit down hard on that wooden bench suddenly and break open your gourd!
jm1217 years ago
eww :P
Why, oh why didn't you leave the stem on?
jstrawther7 years ago
Awesome, i never would have thought of laces
Honus7 years ago
No pumpkin clogs? Well it looks like you had a good time wearing it! LOL
I don't like thinking he made food out of the excess materials. I hope I never get fed any of THAT juju. Cool costume though, a bit disturbing, well, let me rephrase that, about as disturbing as it can possibly get. Yep. That's more like it.
darkmuskrat7 years ago
Very Unique...I might need to get the eye soap though
jesse.hensel (author)  darkmuskrat7 years ago
Is it so cute its disturbing, or so disturbing its cute? Either way, I think its a success.
A little from A, a little from B
thats pretty creative, but i would pass on the soup and pies, it has some extra "flavorings" in it lol
jesse.hensel (author)  pyelitegamerro767 years ago
I used the excess material for cooking. The parts that I actually wore went into the compost.
jongscx7 years ago
You know... I'm pretty thankful that the Stem was trimmed flush with the fruit...
Danielfish7 years ago
Lol, it sounds delicious. I really hope that's a 'Hello, my name is' sticker! It would just complete the whole outfit! Although, maybe you could have done with pump(kin)s for your feet.