The cleaners you are using now have many dangerous chemicals for the environment and your family. So why not save money and the environment at the same time. Not only are u using your own earth made friendly cleaners your also recycling bottles that would otherwise go in a landfill. Think of all the energy your saving: the energy to make the bottle and then to mix the chemicals and the energy used to ship the bottle. This could be a great mother's day gift for mom. And kids could have fun mixing common household ingredients that will be made into something useful.

Step 1: Find a Bottle

Think of what type of bottle you need a spray bottle or just a bottle. Sometimes its just what your more comfortable with. You'll probably end up using spray bottles since they are the most useful.
BoraX is a natural mineral BUT it is mainly extracted from Tibet where environmental questions are far from being raised.<br>Plus borax is very irritant (pH 9), potentially cancerous and definitely dangerous for your eyes, respiratory system and skin.<br><br>I would recommend using baking soda instead.
Olive oil is sticky and never really dries. That's okay if you wipe it off thoroughly. A better oil to use is walnut oil which provides a hard finish and dries completely. Woodturners use it on bowls.
If these recipes are so good, how come you haven't used any images of your bottles of cleaner? Of your mixtures being used?<br/><br/><em>Why is all just googled?</em><br/>

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