The Grinch Face Paint




Introduction: The Grinch Face Paint

Celebrate 50 years of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas!" with this simple Grinch face paint, and you'll see why you will be "a mean one" a good way!

Step 1: Start With Base Color

I started with Mehron Paradise face paint in Lime all over the face.

Step 2: Add Wrinkle Lines

Then, I went into my Snazaroo face paint in Dark Green to add on the angry eyebrows and wrinkle lines. I also used the colors from the Urban Decay Electric shadow palette (Freak and Thrash) to give it a blended look.

Step 3: Add Hair

Then, I added more lines to the top, sides and corners of my face with more dark green paint. Then, I went into adding hair lines to the top of the angry eyebrows.

Step 4: Continue With Features

Then, I continue to use dark green for the nose, then I used black and white paint (from Mehron Paradise) to add outlines, highlights and details to the wrinkle lines, nose, mouth, and hair effects. I also used a little bit of Bright Yellow paint (Mehron Paradise) to add a bit of lighting to the eyebrow hair.

Step 5: Finish Off

I finished off my face with whisker holes on either side, and then adding a pop of color to my bottom lip. I used a mix of Dark Pink paint from Mehron Paradise and the colors Savage and Jilted from the Urban Decay Electric palette to spice things up a little.

Step 6: Final Touches

Finally, I added more Lime paint to my neck and ears, and capped it off with a cute Santa Claus hat!

Step 7: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!

The three words that best describes this face paint design are as follows, and I quote: "green, sly, fun!"



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