Introduction: The Grudge Prank

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Most people have seen a version of the movie "The Grudge", which makes it a creepy sure-fire prank. I did this to my mom and gave her quite a fright, so I'm going to say this is ideal for your parents! It is not expensive to pull off this trick... here's how I did it!

*Personally I think this will only work well if you've got long hair to cover your face, otherwise your victim will see who you are and won't be scared.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

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These are the ideal things to be used:
-long black hair
-Dark clothes
-A short night table (Optional)
-Your hands
-A Victim
-And this time, your feet.

Step 2: Practice Makes Perfect

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Beforehand, practice making a death rattle sound, as seen in the movie. Don't know what a death rattle is? This audio clip might help:
Don't worry, there's no screamer/jump scare (not that I've seen anyway)
However, don't let your victim hear, or they might become suspicious or know what's going on when you prank them.

Step 3: Find a Location

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First, you need to find a good location to pull this off. Choose a hallway or door frame. In the halls, you need to be able to climb the walls and hold yourself up for some time (until your victim arrives). You'd also have to do this in the door frame, or you could cheat if you are incapable of climbing (explained later). It would be a good idea to choose your location somewhere the victim is going to go, or follow them somewhere and prepare.

Step 4: Why the Table?

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Now you're probably wondering why you need the table. Maybe some of you are incapable of climbing walls or doorways in the hallway or you don't have anywhere that has two walls that can be climbed. If this applies to you, just choose a place where you've got a short table near a door frame (or place one there beforehand).

Step 5: Preparing...

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Now you're ready to start preparing. Before you pull off the trick, change into a set of dark clothes for the effect.

Step 6: Hair and Makeup

Picture of Hair and Makeup

Next, push your hair to fully cover your face. When pulling off the prank, tilt your head a little for an added effect.

Step 7: Locate the Victim

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Make sure your victim is heading your way...

Step 8:

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Now, in your dark clothes and covered face, climb up the walls or door frame (using your hand and feet) or step on the table with one foot, place your other foot on the other side of the frame, then place your hands in the frame too. It should appear as though you've climbed it. 

Step 9: And... ACTION!

Picture of And... ACTION!

Your victim is heading your way! Are you ready???
As soon as they lay eyes on you/ about to lay eyes on you, make the death rattle.

Step 10: Haha!

Picture of Haha!

Hopefully you give them a fright, even if it doesn't last long.
It actually wasn't April Fools day when I did this so you could do it any time you'd like.
Thanks for reading, maybe you'll try it!
*sorry about the "beautiful" pictures, I was adding them before the deadline so I didn't have lots of time to work on them, and I also had to go! Perhaps when I have time I'll fix them up!
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craftclarity (author)2014-04-21

I love your drawings. Seriously. They're really cute. Keep up the good work!

persia111 (author)craftclarity2014-04-22

Even though they got rushed? Thanks! It means a lot to hear that!

craftclarity (author)persia1112014-04-22

Yes, even though they got rushed. Communicating something with a drawing can work really well when you have to do it quickly—it helps you to focus on only putting things in the drawing that need to be there in order to get your message across.

persia111 (author)craftclarity2014-04-22

Okay, thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind!

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