Picture of The Guide To K'nex Guns
This is the ultimate guide to K'nex Guns.  In mikeasaurus's words: 

"There's very basic K'NEX guns, and some very advanced ones; but I don't see any documentation explaining how they work. You pro gun-builders are on another level and maybe take these complexities for granted. I'd love to see a detailed Step-by-Step that covers triggers, magazines, reloading, firing mechanism, bi/tripods, elastic types, and all other manner of accessories."

This is that guide.  I hope that you'll find what you're looking for here, and once new discoveries are made, or if I forget something, I will add more.

The contents include:
I. Methods of Firing and Types of Ammunition

A. Firing Pin Guns: Part One: The Basics
1. Single Shots
2. Magazines

B. Firing Pins: Part Two: Beyond The Basics
1. Tubular Magazines
2. Bolt Actions
3. Turrets

C. Single Shot Slingshots
1. Ratchet
2. SRV2

D. Rail Guns
1. How They Work
2. Turrets and Mags

E. Ammunition Types
1. Oodammo
2. Finammo
3. Rod Ammo
4. Connector Ammo
5. Special Ammo

II. Types of Triggers
1. Hinge Trigger
2. Gear Trigger
3. Sliding Trigger
4. Roundabout Trigger
5. Disclaimer

III. Reloading

A. Oodammo Pistols
1. Removable Mags
2. Flip Mags
3. Sliding Mags

B. Regular Magazines
1. Friction Locked Mags
2. Clip On Mags

C. Turrets
1. Regular Turret Reload
2. Ratchet System

IV. Accessories
A. Bolts
B. Bi-pods
C. Sights
D. Scopes

Intro picture credit goes to SLDxRaPiiDZz.

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This will help a lot

brechtooms1 month ago

I don't like to cut knex pieces for a build, but a lot of the best guns out there ask me to do it! Maybe i'm to attached to my k'nex? :)

U have an amazing Knex arsenal based off the pics. I barely had enough to squeeze out one gun.

There are some guns on the site that use little to no parts. I understand that dilemma, though; many people have it.

sven129 months ago

how would I get enough parts for all of this stuff?

DarkOwlProductions (author)  sven123 months ago

Well, the most cost efficient way is to get them via resale: garage sales, eBay, amazon, etc. People generally sell them by the tub-full so it's a good way to get parts fast.

shadowop5557 months ago

where do you get the K'nex? I've never had any and i want some to build guns

DarkOwlProductions (author)  shadowop5553 months ago

I'd recommend garage sales, resale stores, and eBay, amazon, etc.

SWYFTH5 months ago

dense guns be cool

Mudslide54411 months ago
And im talking about the trigger blocking the pin trigger set-up
Mudslide54411 months ago
For the gun that you pull back the pin and have the trigger lock it into place, how will the pin stay there when the pin is pushing forward on the lock? And plus the trigger will be moving back on its own without you touching it, thus firing by itself. (Hope that made sense!)
Omg it seams so simple to make a single shot but so confusing at the same time!!

Try out Killerk's original pistol for a start, although it does have a block trigger. Some of my pistols, like 'DOT' and 'Jux,' could work too, as well as the 'NAR' and a few other things. I don't think the NAR can be found anymore, unfortunately. The others are either on my profile or somewhere in the vast land of instructables. After you get acquainted with how those all work, then it may become easier to design your own single shot after realizing how the mechanics and construction of those said guns work. Good luck, friend!


I would like to thank you for using but gun but mine is not friction locked look back into my instructible and you will see a green rod sticks into the mag (a new design )
You're welcome. I think the green rid sticking into the mag creates friction, locking it in, though; it's just a more complex friction lock. Please correct me if I'm wrong, and I can change it.
No it does not create friction it locks into a hole in the mag
I know! I'll put yours in as a special type of removable mag and then get another example for friction lock. Thanks! I'll get around to it eventually. :3
**cough cough** ummmm how long is eventually? **cough cough**
Obviously quite a while. I kind of forgot about it; sorry.  I'll have to force myself to do it eventually.  
The Doctor.jpg
It's ok ;( ;)
You're feeling both happy and sad, I see. :P
Im teasing BTW
Oh ok
Which is why I wouldn't use other people's pictures of guns in a guide. ;D
:3 Really now, BM? Really now? :3 I see how it is. :3
Oh, do you now? Lol. Im just playing around.
:3 Yeah, I'm playing around, too. :3
In that case, Im no longer playing around... Lol
Wow, when I was pondering what your reaction to that meme would be, I didn't think that you'd just say: '...;' did I say or do something to offend you? :3
Nope. Not at all. Lol
Ok, that's good. :D When I reply to people, sometimes I'm just looking for an excuse to place a meme.
Blackashkid2 years ago
DarkOwlProductions (author)  Blackashkid2 years ago
Thanks; I'm glad you like it. :P
depotdevoid2 years ago
Wow, what a great instructable! As an outsider to the K'nex community on Instructables, it's really great to see such a comprehensive (and comprehensible) explanation of the basic and not-so-basics of K'nex guns.
DarkOwlProductions (author)  depotdevoid2 years ago
Thank you! It's great to know that you've learned from this guide; that's what it is here for. Is there anything that you didn't understand, or think should be changed in this guide? I'm curious. :P
Nah, it was pretty clear! Without any K'nex on hand to play around with and test stuff out, I think you did a great job.
DarkOwlProductions (author)  depotdevoid2 years ago
Thanks! :D
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