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1- History of guitar

It's a stringed instrument played with fingers or with plectrum. It's probably the instrument the most broadcasted to the world. There are various types of guitars (acoustic, folk, electric).
The word "guitar" results etymologically from two words:
* "guit" whose results from the Sanskrit Sangit which means means "music"
* "târ" results from the Persian which means "rope"
It's the Moors who brought the first guitars in Europe, during the conquest of Spain.

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2-Main agreements

There is two system of notation of notes, the Latin system and the English system:

*La: A
*Si: B
*Do: C
*Ré: D
*Mi: E
*Fa: F
*Sol: G


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3- Contemporary famous guitarists

*Carlos Domenicono:
-he's an italian
-He makes of the classical and Jazz mucic

*Eva Fampas:
-Greek classical guitarist

*David Reinhardt:
-he was born on december 23rd 1986
-he's french
-he's a famous guitarist whose speciality is the "jazz gispy"


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