Step 8: Marking

I thought this would come in handy for the teachers in the audience... This is called criterion referenced assessment. ya i know... "WHAT?" All it is is a bunch of guidelines for grading. It works well with kids because they can look at the sheet and understand the grade and how to improve. I always give kids time to re-submit after making changes. Woodworking is pretty subjective so I think its fair to let kids change things in their favor.

This grade method is also very objective (i hope). In our district we are NOT allowed to grade in a subjective way which is tough in our area so this is as objective as possible.

Gumball Machine Marking Sheet

NAME:_____________________________________DIV:____________TOTAL    /60








Missing holes, holes not drilled on center, wrong sizes, unsanded, Block not to specified size

All holes drilled, fairly smooth from top to bottom. Centered close but not perfect..Okay transition for gumball, sanding okay…needs more…block sized but not square

Holes all 1”, All holes centered perfectly, smooth flow in holes for gumball, sanded perfectly smooth, block exactly as specified, square, well sanded edges

Gumball Distribution

Does not work. Jams or allows flow of gumballs. Hard to turn

Works but needs to have block held while turning, gumball falls through but roughly

Spins perfectly, no effort needed, smooth but not wiggly. Gumball falls through perfectly

Decoration and Details

None or very little managed, parts on weakly or uneven.

Parts all there as in drawing but not exactly. Needs sanding or straightening, base is tippy

Stable, smooth, exactly like drawing. Sanded well, all pieces attached well… no glue-out, solid

<p>Great project, we have done the same thing at a middle school in Port Coquitlam for many years. One adaptation to your intractable is to have the arm/nose hole go all the way through the body and attach a design piece to both ends of the dowel. Trick is to find a drill bit long enough for the task.</p>
<p>Fantastic project! I teach DT out in Finland.</p><p>I just knocked out a quick prototype and will get my grade 5 kids (12yr olds) making them in the new year.</p><p>Cheers!</p>
Wait but holding the dowel in by a screw in the back looks just a bit poor what would be a way around that
honestly i dont screw in the dowel at all. they seldom come out. i suppose you could countersink the drill hole to allow the head to go in 1/8 deeper than flush. a plug of wood sanded flush would look nice.
Great instructable!
Fab instructable am making them with my Y8's too, we're in Nottingham UK so transatlantic co-operation at it's best. Will get photo's of them when they are fully made
Made them with my Y8s (UK) fantastic project. Thanks so much.
excellent! i'd love to see some pics... i can show them to my students. i think they would be pretty impressed that a group of kids clear across the world made the same kind of project! glad to hear you tried it.<br>-stu
Cute! Great Instructable, and good luck in the contest!
Thanks for the comment! some pretty stiff competition in the contest for sure.
You misspelled Instructables on the board in the second step. <br>Otherwise, great 'ible. <br>I love all of your projects and hope to see more from you soon.<br>I'll bet you're a great teacher, too!
yaurgh. caught out! i actually made the same mistake TWICE. I've fixed it by cropping out the offending word.. :-)
aha, awesome!
This is great I'm going to make one for myself since I'm no teacher!! Hehe!!<br>Thanks for posting this, it's really fun a creative!!
no problem! post a pic when you get it done!
Hi, still love this project but I think i have noticed an issue... but i also have a solution :)<br><br>Unless i am mistaken it looks like the mechanism can be pulled out the front, resulting in a shower of gum raining onto the floor, before drilling the large hole for the dowel, use a small drill (4/5mm) drill all the way through the block, drill large hole, add dowel from front and add wood screw from back (not done up tight).......... thoughts? jonny :)
Hey jonny! you are absolutely right... some of the teachers in our district put a small wood screw through the back. They drill a clearance hole through the block first so that it doesn't stop the dowel from turning. I have never had a problem with kids pulling it out though so i didn't include it... but i'll do that on the instructable tonight... thanks for the check!<br>-stu
That is absolutely unbelievable! I bet it would work very well as a birthday gift as well!
Thanks for the great comments! most people regardless of age seem to love gumball machines. I've had students come up with the most unbelievable machines with this project. really creative stuff.
I love this! My kid will be making one for their teacher for valentines day since they are handing out gumball machine valentines for students.
Thanks for the kind words! if you get one made be sure to fire pics to me and i'll include them in the instructable.
i love gumballs!!!
This is great! I have a real machine, and the mechanism is a bit more complicated than yours. I might be able to make this. Thanks for sharing.
this is very do-able for sure!
These are fun :) the kids must love them? ...... as a DT &amp; Engineering teacher I really value the use of hand tools, do you teach projects that cover the traditional old school tools?
oh ya the kids are nuts about them. the creative stuff i see is amazing. hand tools are vital as well to teach. the kids do a box with handsaws, planes and hand sandpaper too. thanks for the feedback!

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