Check my H.A.W.C Version 1.0 too!

Here it is:
The last edition of the H.A.W.C:
Version 10.0.

It's a very strong and very powerful crossbow.
It has a range of 100 to 120 ft with 3 or 4 rubberbands.
Very fun to use when your shooting at targets.

-very powerful
-can take a punch
-unlike the first version, it has a small stock
-sights that actually work
-comfortable handle
-true trigger

- isn't accurate when front of barrel is removed

For short:
This is the best version of the H.A.W.C so it's very recommandable.

Step 1: Bullet Protection and Sights

This part isn't necassery but it protects you and it's a better aim.
<p>I suggest making 4 strands of rubber bands using rainbow loom, use 13 bands in each (stick) of rubber and make 3 more (4) and add them on it and warning it will hurt very badly i shot my bedroom door 7 feet away with a grey bullet (same bullet just using grey rod) and the thing exploded, so please think smart.</p>
<p>i suggest using a grey or a yellow rod put a red connector (connect it in the center connector) and add a yellow connector on the end oh and change the red connector's angle so its up-right instead on flat. And there you go you got a arrow and its painful.</p>
I add thing and now is to power full
when i was biulding a part went flying hit my wall and was in the wall
Hmm... I wonder if you added more rubber bands and then widened the barrel to 3 connectors wide and then you could make a big shot. It seems powerful and capable enough to do that.
Split my grey connector in half!<br>Great gun, very powerful
are they elastic bands? and ho many do you need for this? thx
i use like 5 rubber bands lol when i used 6 the white connector broked.
try using the trigger from my crossbow:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-crossbow-tornado-instructions/<br>i don't know if it will work though
COOL! how far does it shoot
2 words: Read description, lol.
thats 3 words
Technically yes, but 'lol' is such a generic word, it is no longer seen as a word.
is it better than the sipriani v2?
you can say this gun is iligal, i penetrated both sides of a plastic milk can with a sharpened red rod.
Be quiet! Lol
I love it! Works very well for me
Well that's great news! Have fun with it :)
I modded it a little bit, took off the front handle, no stock, no white connectors on the barrel except the ones connecting the handle, no bullet protection, and I put a black rod through the red connectors on the cross for added strength, it can hold 12 #64 rubberbands and shoots 156 feet accurately
with the handle are the gray things the half circle connecters&nbsp;<br /> if not then can u say or show wat they r i would really appreciate it&nbsp;<br /> by the way excelent gun/crossbow 5/5<br /> <br />
theyre just metallic versions of the yellow cons
i think theyre just the dark gray connectors. yknow the ones with one slot?<br />
they are gray yellow connectors
i dnt have the black connectors at the bottom is it fine to go without them?
use blue clips(the ones that are like the tan ones)
could you show a quick pick i havent rly been using them lately and im epicly lazy and even if i did look i still probly woudnt get it XD ty
my camera broke so this is with my webcam
o thats a grey to me lol ok ty
is it just me or does he have a problem with actually showing how to do stuff?
i did have <em>freakin much fun!</em><br/>
Lolz, thanks man. :P Not alot of people build it nowadays.. They are more interested in small repeaters and RBG's, i like big snipers and cannons better ;)
i know its a really late reply but i just found it and it awesome
wich did u make 1st the hawc or the siprani rifle? cos they both have the same mech(and they both rock)
its starting to look like a gun XD
can you skip this part >?
Yep but, It will look less cool and will be less strong.
your correct
Aerial view please? I don't know where the 2 yellow section ends.<br />
This weapon is amazing!!! I built it and it is dead accurate and so powerful!!! i recomend it to EVERYONE
You still get kickback on this thing? I'm already most likely gonna make it, but if it does then HECK&nbsp;YEA i'm making it!<br />
Warbow?<br />
trust me i have build 7 knex crossbows from instrucables and still this is the best mine shoots 150 ft ty so much once again
instead of using a red connector + blue rod + grey connector for the bullet i suggest using red connector + sharpened yellow rod. its evil!
Every Villain Is Lemons
<p>ultimate lolage<br /> &nbsp;</p>

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