Picture of The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280
Check my Wall-E Garbage Bot too!

My sweet new cannon!
It has outstanding power, looks and has a crazy range!
About 80 ft!
I do think this is one of my biggest guns ever even, bigger than the A.D.U!
This was supossed to become the V2 for the A.D.U but it now has wheels so i can't really call it a V2.
Anyway, great gun and a must for everyone (with a lot of pieces) with nothing to build!
Now for some pros and no's:

-Awesome range
-Looks great
-Very powerful
-Drives smooth
-Scares anyone instantly

-Very high part use (view parts list)

You likey?
Let's get to building then!

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Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 002.jpg
96 yellows
30 greens
21 reds
50 oranges
4 joint sockets
2 black hinge pieces
8 whites
4 tan clips
54 purples
14 dark blues
17 light greys
47 greys
36 grey spacers
16 blue spacers

7 greys
30 reds
25 yellows
104 blues
116 whites
83 greens
4 big purple/yellow/limegreen bendies
1 blue bendie

55 small bands or, 10 royal red postal bands
10 wheels
2 Big wheels

2 blues
2 whites
4 greens

1 purple 'n dark blue together
3 yellows

1 64# band
1 grey gear
1 wheel

3 greys
2 whites

3 greens
3 reds
27 light greys
2 y-shapes

Hope you have the pieces.
If so,
Let's move on then!

Step 2: The Wheels

Picture of The Wheels
Pretty basic chassis but still pretty good.
Build it 1 time.

Step 3: Barrel

Picture of Barrel
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 005.jpg
Pretty long since it needs to build up some force to get the bullet out of the barrel.
Build it 1 time.

Step 4: Trigger

Picture of Trigger
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 008.jpg
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 009.jpg
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 010.jpg
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 011.jpg
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 012.jpg
On of the most interesting parts on the gun since,
it's upside-downed.

Step 5: Top

Picture of Top
Just for strength and keeping the barrel open.

Step 6: Bow-ish Thing

Picture of Bow-ish Thing
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 016.jpg
This is just for making the pull-back of the bands better and quicker.

Step 7: Sides

Picture of Sides
Just for strength and a straight barrel.

Step 8: Bottom Barrel

Picture of Bottom Barrel
Also, for strength and straighting the barrel.

Step 9: Top 'n Bottom Connector

Picture of Top 'n Bottom Connector
This part holds the back part of the top and the back part of the barrel together.

Step 10: Top

Picture of Top
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 021.jpg
The Top!
For added strength and straighting the barrel.

Step 11: Back Wheels

Picture of Back Wheels
For a smoother ride.

Step 12: Scope-ish Thing

Picture of Scope-ish Thing
This part is unnecesary but, it makes it look more smooth.

Step 13: Camera Add-On

Picture of Camera Add-On
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 025.jpg
This one can only be used for the Traveler DV 5070 Camera and others of the same width.

Step 14: Bullet

Picture of Bullet
Same bullet used in th A.D.U but still the same undefeatable damage!

Step 15: Get These!

Picture of Get These!
Need 20 of 'em.
Collect them and move on to the assembly line (finally).

Step 16: Get These (Too)

Picture of Get These (Too)
Need 55 of 'em.
Go collect them and now, we can move on!

Step 17: Assembly

Having Trouble?
Post your problem in a comment, and i'll help as soon as possible.

Step 18: Band Emplacement

Picture of Band Emplacement
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 049.jpg
The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280 050.jpg
Heres how to put 'em on.

Do Pic 2 and 3, 6 times.

Step 19: You're Done!!!

Picture of You're Done!!!
Well you've built the H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280!
Have freaking much fun with my knex gun!
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Dude, you really need to make some more detailed instructions and more noob friendly
knexsniper15 years ago
im scared...
Skreetsha (author)  knexsniper15 years ago
Lol, don't be, just never point it at yourself, made that mistake myself. Big ####ing bruise on my arm for 2 weeks, lol. Gotta have some pain for the K'nex building X)
no pain, no gain
Skreetsha (author)  shieldsam3 years ago
Knexman153 years ago
Are the green rods under the yellow connectors essential???
Skreetsha (author)  Knexman153 years ago
Yes, that's how you mount the bottom half and the top half together.

knexpeople5 years ago
I mean, you should ask him first
knexpeople5 years ago

Why dont use IAC,s original missle?

Skreetsha (author)  knexpeople5 years ago
Because i don't copy people.
chazman25 years ago
if it wurcks whats the range of it
Skreetsha (author)  chazman25 years ago
Speak normal English, and i will reply.
If this Knex Cannon works, Then what would the range and accuracy be on it?
in every knex cannon/ bazooka i have made, i can always find ways to make the stronger
problem with your first picture the rubber bands are right in front of the barrel
They are supposed to be like that.
wouldnt they get in the way?
Apparently no, because almost all knex annons have them near the front of the barrel, as i show in Viccie.B1993's other cannon:
no they dont thoose are the bands for the pull back(as far as i know)
Except when I built it, they DID get in the way! T'was quite annoying, so the gun only stayed built for about 2 days...
i have GOT to build this out of micros.
Hephestus5 years ago
your ible' reminds me of "I_am_Canadian" cannon
Skreetsha (author)  Hephestus5 years ago
Alot of people before you already pointed that out, but it wasn't supposed too, it just came out looking like that.
*GASP* If I buy more yellow connectors, a blue bendie & about a hundred more rubber bands [:)], I'll be able to make this. I probably won't make it soon though, because I'm waiting for pieces to arrive to finish the knex house, then I'm going to build Heavy Cannon V5, then I'll build this. The only reason I put you last is I've already got the pieces for the others (or at least waiting for a couple) and I found them before this. Why am I telling you all this? I don't know. I just feel like talking (Or, to suit the situation more, typing). Anyway, I'll stop wasting your time by writing stupid things. Goodbye.
Them two bracket things make the text red? Yay! Now I know a color changer thing! I'm odd, I know...
not very high self esteem
Skreetsha (author)  Overtheriver6 years ago
Lol :P
Hiyadudez5 years ago
Are they rubberbands or string?
BuilderLoon5 years ago
I gave my friend an old tv and he gave me 2 full boxes of KNEX KERCHING!
marlonlaija5 years ago
wat do u need a camara for???
boggstown6 years ago
Help if you can. Man this is hard.
this thing with out the top of the cannon reached 120ft!!!!!!!!
no hahahaha lol
can i use yellow connecters for the barrel because I built every thing else but the barrel and I thought I would have enough
An Villain6 years ago
not enough grey connectors for ammo! can i use anything else?
Skreetsha (author)  An Villain6 years ago
Sure, you can use those 2-side greys, or even red connectors, i guess.
thank you, by the way this is the most piece efficient cannon other then logic boy's but this is cool, and i will build.
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