There are several things that I’ve always liked: Computers, Guns and Secrets. This instructable allows me to combine all three. Today we are going to be making a “secret” hiding place for your gun or other important stuff… using a broken computer.

Since the grand prize in this contest is a Netbook, I thought it would be appropriate to use the Grand-daddy of the Netbook -The Handbook. Back in 1993, the Gateway 2000 Handbook was the end all be all of notebook computers. It was a blazing fast 33 Mhz 486, it had a color LCD, an external floppy drive and a massive 20 MB hard drive.  On top of all that, it was small.

I have, in the past, made various things out of old laptops, mostly I would use this same method to make computer tool kits. I always thought it was kind of cool to make a toolbox of computer tools out of an actual computer.

With all that being said, lets begin!

Step 1: Beginning Disassembly

Begin by removing the battery, cd drive, floppy drive, and what ever can be removed without taking screws out.  Set these parts aside, you will need them later.

This particular computer (much like the new Netbooks) has no cd/dvd drive, it does however have a port for hooking up an external floppy drive.

Excellent idea! I may give that a try.
Realise this is an older instructable, but what about using a Raspberry Pi or a Cotton Candy linux machine to keep the functionality of the device while still being able to hide things in it? You'd be a little more restricted on space, but it would make it a much more feasable hiding spot
 paina is a fancy way of saying rust, and im sick of you gun nuts trying to sound sophisticated. gus bad....buds good.
iron rusts, copper petinas. its still oxidation of the metal but it would be incorrect to say that it is rust.
What has gus ever done to you? He's a really nice guy. I just LOVE social commentary from potheads...
great instructable, but i thought it was for making a gun case for the laptop. nevermind...

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