The HandiKart





Introduction: The HandiKart

The HandiKart consisits of a Go Kart for individuals that are physically impaired in the legs.

Step 1: The Frame

First, you must find a frame, which can beall sorts of diiferent frames, but the one you want is going to be a simple go kart frame.

Step 2: The Motor

Next, you need to find a sufficient motor. Preferribly a four wheeler motor. We reccomend a 90 CC to a 250 CC motor as your best bet. Install it into the kart before the next step. Make sure it is square with rear axel.

Step 3: The Body

To find the correct body for a go kart, it needs to be in common with the four wheeler. The appropriate decision would be a lawn mower body because it fits perfectly on the frame.

Step 4: The Tires

Choose the tires that you feel are neccessary for you kart. If you want all season tires, or just winter tires, its up to you.

Step 5: The Throttle and Brake

The throttle and brake are two very important parts of the go kart. The brake is on the left side and the throttl eis on the right. It is adjustable to the person arm length.

Step 6: The Details

You can design your kart just how you want it. Paint and overall color is up to you and your style of riding. this kart is designed for those who cant use their legs, so dont take it as a joke.



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    cool, you can also make it into a mario kart style kart with some painting etc.

    Brake could be hooked to a foot pedal -as could throttle-- much safer than hand controls

    but he made this for parilyzed people, or people who can't use their legs

    Sorry missed that, haven't u miss-read something!

    They stated at the start of the write-up that this was designed for people without the use of their legs.

    You could also take an average go kart like a rupp or a lancer and just rewire the throttle and brake cabels to a place easily reached by the hands

    how much did it cost all up plez follow and ill follow you gr8 job on it

    you could hook the brakes to the steering wheel if they where motorcycle hand brakes but you would need a booster as it may not be enough to stop it with only the strength of your hand.

    More engineering type stuff.
    Drivetrain & controls & mounting them. :)
    Looks awesome! Totally want one.