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Introduction: The Handiest Contraption You'll Ever Take Camping

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We all love camping but anything we can do to make it a little easier and more convenient is always welcomed in my opinion. Having to deal with the trash bag and paper towels flying away is one of those things that always bugged me to no end. I figured there had to be a better way.

So I invented this contraption! It doesn't have a name but it's basically an easy way to hold out a trash bag and have paper towels always ready to go. It's a suction cup that sticks to the side of my car to hold out the trash bag and paper towels. It's handy because I can also stand it up on a table or something if that's more convenient.

It's really really easy to make! Like it'll take you less than 20 minutes to make! And by my calculations it'll improve your camping experience 376%.

So let's get to it!

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Check out my video of this thing:

Step 1: Parts List

Step 2: Mount the L Bracket

Begin by cutting a bolt to the proper length to fit into the top of the suction cup.

Put the bolt through one side of the L bracket.

Attach the other side of the L bracket to your piece of wood. You'll need to leave a little room for the bolt to fit in-between the L bracket and piece of wood.

Step 3: Attach the Suction Cup

Simply screw the piece of wood into the suction cup's threads.

If you like this and want to learn more or see what other things I'm up to check out my website at

Step 4: Attach the Paper Towel Holder and Trash Bag Holder

Screw down the paper towel holder onto one side.

I just have the trash bag holder sit on top of the piece of wood. This makes it much smaller for transporting when I can just take it off.

Step 5: Enjoy Camping Bliss!

That's it! Pretty easy huh!

There's a ton of different ways to do this so get creative and do what works best for you.


If you like this and want to learn more or see what other things I'm up to check out my website at



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    You might want to try a simple wood to metal pole joiner screw. One end of it is a wood screw, and the other a metal bolt. Thread a nut onto it, and use a ratchet driver to screw it into the board, then take the nut off and screw the assembly onto the suction cup.

    1 reply

    Nice. I like simple, life-improvement gizmos. Speaking of that, I first thought that your article's title applied to the gizmo sticking out of the back of your vehicle, with the blue "sink"?. What is that unit?

    1 reply

    That's a really great idea!! Only wish I could find one of those Seasucker suction cups. Do u know another one that could hold that much??

    2 replies

    Just did a quick search on amazon. This may work: It says it has a 200b capacity

    Will it wash the camp dishes? Just kidding, great idea!

    If you were to attach a small piece of wood with a hinge to the top of the device so the other end rested on top of the paper towels, it would prevent them from unrolling in a breeze and you wouldn't have to fight with the bungee every time you wanted a towel.

    1 reply

    GENIUS! I'm gonna have to do that. The bungee is sort of a pain to deal with

    What a great idea. The only thing I'd add is that you need to tell the kids not to try and swing off it!

    1 reply

    Hi, looks great!

    (an idea for the towel holder - get one that also collapses and it'll make it even smaller for transporting)

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Clever, I like the idea