These are the spaces I use for my creative efforts. There is my garage shop and my art room off of the garage. Lots of stuff happens here.
jmitrovic10 months ago

Let me live in your workshop?

gmonroy1 year ago


Creativeman (author)  gmonroy1 year ago


Machine2 years ago
Wow! I haven't seen a workshop that is so well organized like yours. And it even looks good too! A good clean workshop means not tripping over things and not getting contaminants in the job.

Quick-tune2 years ago
Very nice, not a spec of dust to be seen... Its hard to believe it ever gets much use! - not without spending half your time cleaning up again... much too tidy for me, I couldn't work in there for fear of messing it all up!
woooshhhhh2 years ago
April Fool's day is coming - better lock up that 'happy place'
parkmana3 years ago
Forget Disneyland! This is happier!
Creativeman (author)  parkmana3 years ago
...hence the title!
Just love what you have done to the drawers, such organization. I keep thinking to myself it would be a real bummer if you ever wanted to add a new tool to the setup haha. But im sure by this point you have already figured most of that stuff out.
conservator3 years ago
You have a wonderful workshop and a brilliant talent! Every picture is inspiring!
Creativeman (author)  conservator3 years ago
Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them!
time-killer3 years ago
Dude, You've got WAY too much time on your hands.
tinker2344 years ago
wow love those drawers help me make some wow my tools i cant even find some
fluxuss4 years ago
A paradise for Do-It-yourself'er :)
vincent75204 years ago
Absolutely fabulous even wrenches and pliers are color coded !!!…

A dream come true.

Re-design5 years ago
Very nice!
lilmrsbossy5 years ago
 It's beautiful, I'm totally jealous.
Creativeman (author)  lilmrsbossy5 years ago
Thanks for the comment. Cman
Ivn6 years ago
OMG, it's beautiful, very well organized paradise...
kentonriley6 years ago
AWESOME. you should come build me a shop
can you say anal-retentive....I LOVE IT!
John Smith6 years ago
the drawer thing is really awesome, but for the kind of stuff i do i'd be afraid oil and grease would stain the wood and make it look ugly. and i'd be afraid of how hard it would be to get the tools out easy, but thats just me. still, great woodwork and awesome shop!
Creativeman (author)  John Smith6 years ago
Thanks John...I am a woodworker, not a mechanic, and I think that would make a difference. Fun, anyway. I use a little magnet to lift the tools.
paganwonder6 years ago
Awesome idea with the drawers! I've done this with my hammers but never thought to apply the technique to wrenches and pliers.
Scammah6 years ago
This inspires me to clean up my workshop tomorrow
Creativeman (author)  Scammah6 years ago
Glad you are inspired.
foobear6 years ago
Wow, coolest tool storage ever! Brilliant workshop.
Creativeman (author)  foobear6 years ago
Thank you, it's appreciated.
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
WOW! Thats a nice shop
Creativeman (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Thanks for the comp, linux.